Rhinoplasty information

  • Rhinoplasty Nostrils Different Sizes
  • Rhinoplasty nostrils is plastic surgery, which allows to eliminate the asymmetry of the nostrils, correct the width, length and thickness of the wings of the nose. A short operation not only will save you from…read more

  • Persian Nose Job
  • Persian nose job is a difficult task even for an experienced surgeon. Persian nose is the exact opposite of the Caucasian nose. Persian nose is typical low bridge, which makes the nose “low”, and wide…read more

  • Phymatous Rosacea
  • Phymatous rosacea: skin thickening, increased nose and surrounding tissues. The most common subtype is called rhinophyma,which affects the sebaceous glands and outer side of the nose and causes an increase in the nose and has…read more

  • Fixing a Deviated Septum
  • Nasal septum is a wall made up of bones and cartilage that separates the inner nasal cavity into two passage. Thus, it plays an important role in controlling the flow of air entering the body….read more

  • Nose Bump Surgery
  • How many people are unhappy with their nose? There are no precise statistics on this issue. But there are statistics of popularity of plastic surgery,  in which rhinoplasty traditionally occupies one of the first places….read more

  • Radiesse Nose Job
  • Every second person on this planet thinks about the shape nose correction. But few are resolved to the radical correction, as surgical rhinoplasty is a radical way, after the application of which way back will…read more

  • Nasal Hump Removal
  • Nasal Hump Removal is the most common operation in cosmetic surgery aimed at changing the shape of the nose. Surgery is performed between the ages of 20 to 40 years. The price depends on the…read more

  • Rhinoplasty Night Before Surgery
  • Night before the rhinoplasty is very thrilling. Here are some tips how to spend the night before rhinoplasty. Food intakes If your rhinoplasty is scheduled for 08:00 am, you should not eat or drink water…read more

  • Nose Bridge Augmentation
  • Nose bridge augmentation is a surgical procedure, which can be used to change the size of the nose entirely or increase its individual parts. Many people are not satisfied with the shape of their nose….read more

  • Septoplasty And Turbinectomy
  • According to medical statistics, a deviated septum in varying degrees, is seen in about 80% of people. It is not always such a deformation creates discomfort to man, but when it does occur may require…read more

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