What is the recovery time for a nose job?

Nose job healing can take up to one year. Most physicians do not discuss the fact that the nose continues to change over the course of one year.

In fact, most nose job irregularities do not appear along the bridge of the nose until at least six months and even up to one year for irregularities of the tip complex.

It is important that you maintain close follow-up with your nose job physician for at least one year and preferably 18 months since the process is so dynamic and changes continue for that long.

Even the tip of the nose can change after one year and can fall some during the recovery time. (Scott Trimas, MD, Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nose job final result will take time

I am assuming you are having a complete nose job, which means the entire nose (from top to the tip) and the inside is being addressed.

As with any surgery, the area of operation will develop swelling. For a routine, complete nose job, it will take 6-12 months for the majority of swelling to subside.

It is important to note, the nose will go through cycles of less and more swelling in the first three months.

After three months, the reduction in swelling will be more constant. However, your nose will continue to modify itself for many years.

The change is subtle, but present. The splint and the bandages are typically removed in 7-8 days after surgery. (Michael A. Jazayeri, MD, Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon)