Septorhinoplasty Before And After

Septorhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring not only the appearance of the nose, but also to restore normal nasal passability in conditions associated with a change in their shape, such as a deviated septum.

This kind of surgery has medical in nature and leads to the restoration of impaired nasal breathing. In some situations,surgical correction of the nose, or rhinoplasty, is supplemented septoplasty.

Such conjoint surgery as septorhinoplasty, allows not only to eliminate the defects of the outer nose, but also to achieve the improvement of the nasal passages, increasing the volume of inhaled air and reducing human nasal resistance, which is particularly important when severe obstruction.

As is known, a deviated septum may be physiological, most often detected in adolescence, traumatic, arising as a result of injuries, and compensatory, developing on the background of violations form turbinates.

The indications to perform septorhinoplasty is the presence a deviated septum, interfering with normal breathing. This pathology can be diagnosed only the doctor during examination of the patient with the help of special devices.

The main symptoms a deviated septum are snoring (rhonchopathy), difficulty breathing through the nose, abnormal dryness of the mucous membrane lining the inside of the nasal cavity, frequent nose bleeds, chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), allergic reactions and visible deformation of the nose.

It is in the latter case becomes necessary in performing of the combined operation – septorhinoplasty that helps to solve two problems at once: the physiological and aesthetic.

Rhinoplasty In Combination With Septoplasty Is Called Septorhinoplasty

Volume and methods of the surgery, as well as a method of anesthesia (anesthesia, local anesthesia) are always selected exclusively on an individual basis. In the centers of plastic surgery in Israel, Germany, South Korea and Austria each patient, first of all, must have a medical examination and receives consultation of a plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (if need be and other specialists).

Contraindications septorhinoplasty, in fact, are the same as for other options rhinoplasty: cancers, diabetes, active infection, pathology of blood coagulation. The operation is performed open and closed method.

During the open septorhinoplasty, which, by the way, from a technical point of view is considered to be easier, the surgeon performs all manipulations under direct visual control. This makes it possible to get a direct view of the nose deformation in all the smallest details to consider the structures of the nose.

Functional Septorhinoplasty

And stop the bleeding by means electrocoagulation, to correct dorsal and caudal part of the nasal septum, to keep intact the internal nasal valve and as accurately as possible to install grafts.

Open septorhinoplasty is preferred when it comes to the correction of combined pathologies as “cleft palate” and “cleft lip”. The main drawback of this approach is an outer surgical scar after surgery.

The scarring on the face of the patient does not remain with time thanks to modern sutures and suturation.

In addition, one must be prepared for the fact that the duration of the operation open septorhinoplasty and postoperative swelling of the face is more big than with closed access.

Septoplasty Surgery Is Done Also At The Time Of Rhinoplasty

Swelling of tip of nose sometimes persists for several months. Closed operating method allows to avoid all traces of surgical intervention, but only a surgeon who has extensive practical experience can use it.

There is another option that successfully used by by plastic surgeons Israel, Germany, South Korea and Austria is an endoscopic septorhinoplasty. Such minimally traumatic operations are carried out punctually, without unnecessary external incisions.

Attraction an endoscopic equipments, as noted by authoritative experts, has a positive effect on the aesthetic and functional results septorhinoplasty. Surgeons manage to achieve the best antiseptic effect and prevent bleeding and reduce the risk of complications to almost zero in the application of innovative laser technologies.

Types and description of Septorhinoplasty.

Septorhinoplasty Can Be Performed To Correct A Birth Defect

Septorhinoplasty is performed with open or closed method.

  1. Open method allows the surgeon to visually monitor the progress of the operation, but scar remains after surgery.
  2. Closed method avoids traces of surgical intervention, but complicated by the fact that carried out blindly. The surgeon chooses the desired method of surgery, based on the assigned task.

Septorhinoplasty performed under general anesthesia and lasts for 1-2 hours. Incisions make in the nasal cavity and the mucous membrane is exfoliated.

Next, the bone and cartilage tissue is excised, that interferes with normal breathing, formed the correct shape of the nose, closed with stitches. In the nasal cavity is inserted turundy (gauze pads).

Septorhinoplasty Is A Surgery Which Changes The Form Of The Nose

The operated area is fixed with bandage and special patch. Sometimes cartilages are corrected and then installed back in the nasal cavity. In some cases it is required the restoration of nasal septum , for example after a trauma or or unsuccessful operation. This operation is performed in several stages. The donor material is taken from the ear cartilage or rib cartilage of the patient as your own tissue do not cause rejection and take root much faster than foreign. In modern plastic surgery are used endoscopic and laser techniques septorhinoplasty.

Endoscopic septorhinoplasty refers to operations less traumatic, and the good that the operation is performed without unnecessary incisions – a pointwise. Thus minimally damaged tissue. The use of endoscopic equipment has a positive effect on the aesthetic and functional results of the procedure. Laser septorhinoplasty has expressed antiseptic effect. The use of the laser allows to seal blood vessels, preventing hemorrhage. Complications are almost excluded.

SeptoRhinoplasty Is To Improve Nasal Airflow

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