Rhinoplasty Big Nose Before And After

Big nose – features of plastic surgery.

The tip of the nose has a complex structure, it can be divided into three parts: the tip of the nose, wings and column.

The shape of the nose tip is influenced by the shape and size, as well as the location of the cartilage of the nose, the strength of the connections between the cartilage and bones of the facial skeleton, thickness of the skin and soft tissues.

The shape and stability of the tip of the nose depends on the strength cartilages of the tip the nose. Location of cartilages is determined by its form and the features compounds between.

This gives to the cartilages flexibility and stability.

The supporting structures of the tip of the nose are:

– the attachment between the upper and lower lateral cartilages;
– the attachment between the lateral crus of the lower lateral cartilage and the pyriform aperture;
– the attachment between the paired domes of the lower lateral cartilages;
– the medial crural attachment to the caudal septum.

Wide (bulbous) nose

The essence of the big nose is a disproportional increase in the tip of the nose, which has a rounded shape. The best plan of correction the bulbous nose tip is determined after assessing the position of the tip of the nose, the thickness of the skin and tissue covering the tip of the nose, the shape and location of the tip of the nose cartilage, the width of the wings of the nose.

The Big Nose Needs To Be Reshaped To Be In Harmony With Your Face

Bulbous, big nose is caused too widely spaced large cartilages and significant soft tissue thickness, which cover the tip of the nose.

With a significant broadening and flattening of the wings is a wide, flat tip of the nose, and with a thin skin and a spherical wings – bifid tip of the nose.

Correction wide tip of the nose is always individual, and requires a lot of experience of the surgeon. Tip rhinoplasty is aimed at reducing the volume of the nasal tip and provides for the separation of large elements cartilages with a change in their shape and size.

The main objectives of plastic surgeon during rhinoplasty are:

A Hook Big Nose Rhinoplasty

  • position optimization;
  • change in volume and shape of the cartilage.
The following methods use for this purposes :
  1. narrowing of the wings and giving them optimal forms;
  2. reduction the distance between the wings, the removal of the lateral legs;
  3. changing the shape and location of the lateral legs;
  4. removing excess soft tissue from the area the tip of the nose.

The modern standard correction of the big nose is the predominant use of sutural techniques that change the shape and location of the tip of the nose cartilage with maximum preservation of their strength.

Reshaping A Large Nose Before And After Photos

There are three types of large nose, which require a different approach to the implementation of rhinoplasty.

The choice of method of rhinoplasty

The thinner the thickness of the skin and soft tissues, the more complicated is a rhinoplasty. Thick skin is easier to obtain the desired aesthetic result, but the thicker the skin is more difficult to obtain well-defined tip of the nose, and almost impossible to get a the relief of tip points.

When bulbous nasal tip is changed shape of the wings. For this purpose is performed the narrowing, rapprochement and the notched section on the wings. Reduction of the volume soft tissue at the tip of the nose is performed in case considerable thickness tissue that covers cartilage the tip of the nose, the same method is performed at repeated rhinoplasty when there are a pronounced scars.

The Nose Is Long And Droopy

When we talk about the big nose, we imply its the tip and wings. They consist of cartilages and soft tissue, shape, size and thickness of which determines the appearance of the face.

The correction may take place in two directions:
  1. Rhinoplasty is a correction of shortcomings forms with the help of plastic surgery.
  2. visual correction with makeup and / or changes in hairstyles, allowing to mask the excess width.

The patient with the surgeon chooses the method of rhinoplasty together.

Rhinoplasty For Big Nose Is A Very Unique Operation In That Changes In Nasal Shape Continue To Occur Over The Patient’s Lifetime

Pros and Cons of rhinoplasty. Correction the form by this method has positive and negative sides.

Cons are include:

  • the possibility of complications caused by the infections, the individual characteristics of the patient or anesthesia;
  • the end result of the intervention can be assessed for at least 6 months after surgery (maximum 1 year);
  • the final result may be slightly different from the one that has been modeled on the computer, because the form can slightly change at healing;
  • transformation of appearance in general, you will need to get used to yourself, “new”;
  • If you are not satisfied with the result of the operation, secondary rhinoplasty can be performed no earlier than after one year.

Rhinoplasty For Big Nose If Your Nose Is Wide At The Tip, Nostrils, Or Bridge

A weighty argument in favor of rhinoplasty is a correction of the aesthetic defect, a man increases self-esteem, disappears a number of psychological complexes.

The advantages are include:

  • the relative availability of such correction.
  • rhinoplasty is not a very traumatic form of surgery thanks to modern technology, pains are short and low intensity.
  • to the normal way of life, you can return a few days later after the correction, observing the necessary caution.

A number of problems can be avoided by selecting the medical institution and giving preference to the skilled surgeon with sufficient experience in conducting operations.


Rhinoplasty For A Nose That Hooks At The End Near The Tip Of The Nose

Correction a large nose is performed at presence of the indications for this:

  1. congenital defects of the structure and shape of the nose;
  2. traumatic injuries;
  3. excessively long nose;
  4. very large nostrils;
  5. violation of nasal breathing function as a result of defects in the structure of this part of the face;
  6. very large wide nose.

Often, the patient’s desire is related to one of the reasons that serve as an indication for rhinoplasty. But even if the medical or cosmetic indications are absent, doctors often go to meet the patients in this matter.


Rhinoplasty Big Nose Is The Most Challenging Operative Procedure Done In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery For Nose

Not every person is shown the intervention of a plastic surgeon. By strict contraindications include:

  1. age up 18 years old (when there is the development of bone and cartilage), but in case of injuries or disorders of nasal breathing procedure is possible;
  2. cardiovascular diseases;
  3. reduction in immune status due to various causes;
  4. the presence of malignancies in the body;
  5. diabetes of any type;
  6. diseases related to bleeding disorders.

A doctor will refer the patient to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures before rhinoplasty.

Complications, consequences and side effects.

Reshaping And Making A Large Nose Proportionate With The Rest Of The Face

Before the surgery, the surgeon warns patients about complications or unwanted side effects that may occur at the end of the intervention.

These include:

  • nose bleeds;
  • bruising and swelling in the nose area;
  • swelling of the inside membrane of the nose, which leads to the separation of mucus (runny nose);
  • infections;
  • visible scars;
  • difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • reducing the sensitivity of the skin in the area of surgical intervention;
  • the discrepancy of the results;

Some side effects disappear on their own after a while, others require additional measures. The outcome of the surgery depends not only on the doctor’s skill level, but also on the characteristics of the patient’s body.

Below you can see the results of rhinoplasty big nose before and after surgery.

Rhinoplasty big nose before after