Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose

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Photos Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose is the best proof of the skill of the surgeon.

In the first place, that at a preliminary stage to assess the qualifications of the surgeon, the future patient should carefully consider the photos of his work after rhinoplasty. Photo Before & After rhinoplasty can help defined with a choice of surgeon.

Every patient wants to see their future nose before surgery for this purpose and there exists a computer simulations.

Photos before and after plastic surgery of nose demonstrates the future changes and allows to avoid misunderstanding and misunderstanding between the surgeon and the patient.

Plastic Surgery For Nose: What is it?

The attractiveness of faces depends largely on the position, size and shape of the nose. Harmonious arrangement of the nose does not attract attention. While disharmony is always noticeable.

Even minor features of the nose, which affect the facial symmetry, can influence the opinion about a person’s appearance and self-esteem. Therefore, most people turn to the plastic surgery to improve the shape of the nose.

What’s your perfect nose?

Rhinoplasty Surgery Can Change The Shape Of The Whole Nose Or Of Just A Small Part

Perception depends on the shape and size of the face. But the main thing is proportionality. A large nose on a small elegant face looks repulsive, while on a large face (with a high forehead, strongly pronounced cheekbones, massive lower jaw and chin) small nose looks quite ridiculous.

Rhinoplasty improves the shape of the nose, so that it looked harmoniously in relation to the entire face. The essence of rhinoplasty is to correct the disproportionate nose sections, correcting the deformed sections.

Rhinoplasty allows to make the face as attractive as possible and, therefore, increase the self-esteem of many people.

Over the last decade, rhinoplasty has received many positive reviews. This area of plastic surgery is well developed. The prices depend on the complexity of the nose correction.

Preparing for rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Patients Should Have Realistic Expectations For Improvement

The patient with the surgeon are discussing the shape of the nose and the technique of the operation at the pre-operative consultation. It is understood that plastic surgery on the nose tip has a certain level of complexity, and for eliminate the deformation is a different level.

Cosmetic procedure can be assigned (cleaning of the skin) before surgery. At a reception before the operation the patient can order the visualization of the new shape of the nose.

This service allows the patient to make sure that the new look will be likes to him.

Operation and early postoperative period.

Rhinoplasty can be performed in two ways:

Rhinoplasty Patients Should Be In Good Physical Health

– Open (when a small incision is made in the columella).
– Closed (if incisions are carried out only along the the nasal mucosa).

The choice of method affects the level of correction difficulty. Rhinoplasty is performed by open method (a small incision on the columella). Closed method (incisions only along the the nasal mucosa) – it all depends on the complexity of the operation. Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.

The duration of rhinoplasty is 1.5 – 2 h. Tampons and the external plate (thermoplastic) are installed at the end of the operation if necessary.

Thermoplastic fixes the back of the nose and the tip of the nose in the correct position also reduces postoperative swelling. Moderate pain is a natural process for the post-operative period.

Plastic Surgery For Nose To Achieve Overall Harmony Of All Your Facial Features

Patients feel uncomfortable in the nose area due to swelling and a temporary inability to breathe through the nose. But already on the 2nd day after the removal of tampons, the patient can breathe through the nose. Hospital stay after rhinoplasty is an average of 1-2 days.

Recovery after rhinoplasty

The new shape of the nose can be seen almost immediately after surgery, but it is not the result, which will be after full recovery, because on the back of the nose and the tip of the nose there is still swelling.

Typically, about 70% swellings disappears for two to four weeks. The remaining 30% is not so noticeable and disappear later.

The final result of the nose correction can be assessed only after six months or even a year.

Nose Job Is One Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The first 14 days after hospital discharge should be excluded salted and smoked foods from the diet because they cause swelling.

Not recommended playing sports, visiting the baths and saunas. But you can gradually return to normal activities within 3-4 weeks.

If you want to achieve rapid anti-swelling effect after surgery, you can use system of cosmetic recovery.

A course of physiotherapy, mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage massage to quickly remove swelling and speed up the recovery process.

Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Photos