Nose Bump Surgery

How many people are unhappy with their nose? There are no precise statistics on this issue.

But there are statistics of popularity of plastic surgery,  in which rhinoplasty traditionally occupies one of the first places.

According to surgeons, most often patients are requested to perform a nose bump surgery.

This feature is often spoils the overall appearance of the face, making your nose too outstanding, massive and disproportionate in relation to other facial features.

Is it possible to once and for all get rid of it? Do I have to do the operation? And what is the price of the issue?

These and other important points we discussed with renowned plastic surgeons.

Causes of a hump on the nose and how to get rid of it? The presence of irregularities the dorsum nasi is caused by features of the structure of bone and cartilage tissue, which can be either congenital or acquired.

The most common causes are:

– Heredity and genetic predisposition. For example, for Caucasian people hooked nose is a characteristic national trait;
– Improper coalescence the bone and cartilages of the nose after a trauma or an unsuccessful surgical intervention;
– Long wearing of glasses in a heavy frame – constant pressure leads to a characteristic deformation of tissue.

Of course, those owners of hump that would like to get rid of it, are interested primarily of non-invasive techniques.

But, unfortunately, change the structure of cartilage and bone tissue, especially, with the help a massage or breathing exercises is absolutely impossible. Today, there are two effective ways to perform the nose bump surgery:

  • Injections based on collagen or hyaluronic acid;
  • Rhinoplasty is a surgical correction the form of nose;

The first option is a sparing: through a thin needle above and below of a bump is entered drug that fills the subcutaneous area and aligns the dorsum nasi. This technique has its “pros” and “cons”:

The advantages of non-surgical methods. Disadvantages
A minimally invasive procedure is performed within 10-15 minutes under local anesthesia The filler is completely absorbed by the body in 12-18 months and the procedure must be repeated.
Almost complete lack of recovery period and complications. Do not allow to solve attendant problems – changing the shape of the nostrils, or reducing the size of the nose (and even on the contrary – after the injection nose becomes larger due to the volume which fillers adds)

Nose Bump Is A Very Common Aesthetic Facial Disproportion

Second, rhinoplasty is a more efficient way to remove the bump on the nose.

Here, too, there are nuances and limitations: it is performed only for patients older than 18 years old (since the nose continues to grow until about of this age), has a number of surgical and specific contraindications, it involves quite long recovery period.

How is the nose bump surgery performed?

During the consultation, the surgeon and the patient carefully plan all  projected changes – as a rule, for this purpose is carried out computer simulations of the final result.

Nose bump surgery performed under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours:

Nose Bump Surgery To Achieve Maximal Results

  • The first step is the removal of the skin from the nose surface (ie, surgery is performed an open access), performed the incision of the cartilage and the gradual removing it parts.
  • Next, the bone is cut off to the desired size – in this moment is important that the expert is not overdone and did not remove too big area, otherwise there will be the narrowing of the nasal passages with subsequent complications as difficulty in breathing, and, in addition, the aesthetic result of the operation can be reduced to nothing .
  • The final stage is the dissection the lateral wings of the nose and their moving to the desired position.
  • In most cases, when you remove a small hump is also required simultaneous correction of the nose tip as a flat and the narrowed nose visually seems longer.

Nose Bump Removal Surgery Can Make A Significant Difference In The Whole Appearance Of The Face

After surgery on the nose is applied a plaster cast, by means of which bone and cartilage fragments are fixed in the new position. The recovery period and related restrictions will last several months – during this time can be kept swelling of the nose and difficulty in breathing.

Intense physical activity, taking a hot tubs, swimming pool, sauna, wearing glasses with heavy or oppressive rim, air travel are prohibited. Also, it will be necessary to protect the nose as much as possible from external influences because bone and cartilage tissue can be easily damaged.

The final shape of the new nose without a hump can be seen only in a year after complete healing. But the final result is retained for life and does not require additional support procedures.

How Much Does a Nose Bump Surgery Cost? Actual prices.

Nose Bump Surgery To Reduce A Hump On Your Bridge

The cost of nose bump surgery depends primarily on the selected method: the average price of an injection rhinoplasty 1-3 thousands dollars, for surgery – 3-6 thousands.

In the first case, the cost will depend largely of the required amounts of the preparation and its brand, the second – on the volume of intervention and qualification the plastic surgeon.

The final price of the operation is calculated at the consultation with the surgeon, as a rule, it includes computer simulations future nose, preoperative examination, the surgery itself, and subsequent outpatient examinations and other activities – until complete healing.

Nose Bump Surgery Before And After