Nose Bridge Augmentation

Nose bridge augmentation is a surgical procedure, which can be used to change the size of the nose entirely or increase its individual parts. Many people are not satisfied with the shape of their nose.

This is not surprising, because the nose is located in the middle of the face and difficult to hide or disguise its shortcomings. Also, often the nose is asymmetrical, disproportionate to size of the face, abnormal structure of the nose may even interfere with breathing.

That’s why people who are concerned about the shape or size of their nose, often resort to rhinoplasty. Thus, as a rule is carried out Nose bridge augmentation or its reduction.

Indications for Nose bridge augmentation.

1. Nose bridge augmentation has aesthetic and medical indications.
2. The desire to change the size of the nose in favor of increase it.
3. Physical damage and injury, because of which the nose has become flat.
4. Congenital defect of the flat nose, ie acquired by inheritance.
5. Transferred inflammation in the soft tissues, because of which his nose became flat.
6. Undeveloped of the nose (eg. alar cartilages) of the nose that are disproportionately small.
7. The consequence of operations the nasal septum (septoplasty).

Contraindications for nose bridge augmentation.

One of the major contraindications to the nose bridge augmentation is the age, as it directly affects the outcome of the operation. It is believed that the nose stops growing at the age of 16, and the nasal cartilage will be formed only to 20 years old.

Before And After The Augmenting The Nasal Bridge

The nose shape can vary up to this age, so nose bridge augmentation is generally carried out only 20 years old after (except in specific rare cases):

  1. Acute and chronic respiratory diseases.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Acute infectious diseases.
  4. Oncological diseases.
  5. Bleeding disorders.

Course of the procedure.

Consultation is assigned before surgery, on which we are discussing all the wishes of the patient on change the size and shape of nose. A few days before the operation usually surgeon prescribes medications that strengthen blood vessels (Ascorutinum) and prohibits taking medicines that affect blood clotting (aspirin).

Plastic Surgery For Nose The Best Way To Augment The Bridge

Nose bridge augmentation can be performed in several ways – open and closed. In the first case, an incision is made on a septum between the nostrils, in the second case – inside the nostrils.

Essence of the operation consists of placing a special framework under the skin of the nose. This framework can be made of different materials, such as cartilage, bone and artificial materials are safe for the organism.

In most cases, we use material’s of own tissues. When using a bone framework, bone is taken from the back of the elbow, iliac crest (pelvic) bone, ribs, skull surface with safety compliance for “donor bone.” If you plan to make framework from the cartilage, the material is taken from the ears or can be used cartilage of the nasal septum.

Nose Bridge Augmentation To Raise Your Tip

The duration of the operation depends on its complexity, mainly 1.5-2 hours. All this time the patient is under general anesthesia in conjunction with special local anesthesia.

After nose bridge augmentation.

Tampons are placed in the nasal passages for absorbing blood after surgery. They should be worn 2-5 days and during this time the patient must breathe through the mouth. Plaster bandage is superimposed on the outside of of the nose for 8-10 days, which supports the nose and provides immobilized effect.

Swelling of the face and around the eyes is natural for the postoperative period, which takes place two weeks later. Thus, a week later the patient can return to his usual life.

Additional Bridge Augmentation Before And After

At the initial stage of wound healing is necessary to refrain from wearing the glasses, since they can deform the nose. It is necessary to protect the nose from injury, try not to be subjected to intense physical and emotional stress, to avoid nasal bleeding, and and abandon hot or cold food for some time.

Also, the doctor prescribes a series of physiotherapy procedures to accelerate healing after surgery.

Nose bridge augmentation leads to the fact that its shape becomes harmonious, proportional to the rest of the face. The result of the operation can be assessed within a month and a half, the final effect will be visible only after a year.

Compatibility with other cosmetic procedures.

Nose bridge augmentation with the help of plastic surgery requires to refrain from cosmetic procedures such as peeling, since their conduct takes place the physical and chemical influence on the face.

Nose Bridge Augmentation Before And After Gallery