Rhinoplasty Night Before Surgery

Night before the rhinoplasty is very thrilling. Here are some tips how to spend the night before rhinoplasty.

Food intakes

If your rhinoplasty is scheduled for 08:00 am, you should not eat or drink water from 18:00 pm on the eve (including chewing gum and candies).

If your surgery is scheduled after 12:00 o’clock in the afternoon, on the eve you can afford a light dinner. If purgation will be necessary, doctor will tell you about it additionally. Medications.

All prescription medications you should take with you to the hospital. As long as your doctor will not allow, you should stop taking these medications for 7 days prior to rhinoplasty:

1. Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs;
2. Drugs acting on the blood clotting system.

If these medications are vital to you – you have to inform your surgeon about it. This is necessary to correct the specified kind of therapy.

Your doctor will tell you when you can resume taking medications influencing blood coagulability. If you have diabetes, keep take hypoglycemic preparations until the last day before the operation.

Patients with diabetes should not take hypoglycemic agents in the morning before the operation.

Stop taking all herbal medicines, dietary supplements and vitamins 7 days prior to rhinoplasty.

It should be remembered.

Stop Taking Aspirin Before Nose Job

  • Bromelain increases risk of bleeding;
  • Chondroitin cause cardiac arrhythmias, increased risk of bleeding;
  • Cysteine decreases in blood pressure;
  • Echinacea inhibits the immune system;
  • Garlic and Ginkgo increase the risk of bleeding;
  • Ephedra increases the heart rate and blood pressure;
  • Glucosamine increases the content of sugar in the blood and reduces the effectiveness of insulin;
  • Ginseng causes a decrease in blood sugar levels, increased risk of bleeding;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids increase the risk of bleeding, hemorrhagic stroke;
  • Phenylalanine reduces the effectiveness of baclofen and levodopa;
  • Do not take these agents before surgery on the nose.

You Can Not Take Anti-inflammatory At Night Before Rhinoplasty


Cleanliness is the key to health. It is the prevention of infectious complications in the case with rhinoplasty.

Follow the rules

  • You should not wear jewelry, body piercing, apply make-up or nail polish before surgery;
  • Unprofitable nails and gel must be removed before the arrival to the hospital, especially with the index fingers. This is necessary to determine the oxygen levels during surgery;
  • You should thoroughly to bathe before performing rhinoplasty.

Separately, about the hands

You Need To Quit Smoking Before Rhinoplasty

Hand washing is an important element in the prevention of hospital infections. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after eating, after removal of outer clothing, after using the toilet.

Do not hesitate to ask the medical staff about hygiene their hands. Make sure that your family wash their hands coming and going from the hospital.

You can use waterless sanitizers before and after meals. Do not forget to close your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Do not forget to wash your hands afterwards.


Vitamins Are Important In Rhinoplasty Healing

All valuables and money leave at home or at loved ones. Having entered at the hospital, secure yourself from falling. You can fall anywhere. Most often falls occur in unfamiliar places for you, for example, in the Chamber. Ask for help if you need to go into the shower. Find out where are the staff call button. Use non-slip shoes, for example, slippers with rubber soles. Go up out of bed slowly, it is warns dizziness.

Your health

You must be maximally are healthy before rhinoplasty (as possible). If you have any chronic diseases, with the help of the attending physician is necessary achieve a stable remission of the disease. If you have wobbly teeth or crowns, then to undergo treatment at the dentist, as these teeth may be lost when the anesthesiologist will ensure airway patency (placing in the oral cavity a specially designed for this device).

Night Before Nose Job

All removable items, if any (dentures, piercings) remove from the oral cavity before rhinoplasty. The oral cavity should also be free of the chewing gum, candy.

All these subjects after administration of anesthesia can cause problems with your breathing.

In preparation for rhinoplasty contact lenses and hearing aid must be removed, (if you will have local anesthesia, you can leave them).

Nails on the hands should be free of nail varnish, which can be the cause of shortness of reading the information about breath obtained with the help of a special device that is connected during anesthesia to one of the fingers of a hand.


Fill All Prescriptions Before Rhinoplasty

Be honest with your doctor about intake of alcohol. Tell me, how often do you drink alcohol. This is really important information. Drinking alcohol may affect during surgery and the postoperative period.

The excessive daily intake of alcoholic beverages, and in front of rhinoplasty – especially, can lead to severe complications, called alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal is a complex of unpleasant symptoms that can develop at refusal from alcohol.

In this case, the nervous system is very sensitive to the absence of alcohol until the occurrence of psychosis with violation of consciousness, hallucinations.


Nose Job Night Before Surgery

It is highly recommended to quit smoking in order to prevent anesthetic complications, including respiratory disorders. If you have decided make a rhinoplasty, it is necessary to prepare for it. The process of preparation is one of the important elements of the operation.

These activities are called pre-operative preparation. The volume of pre-operative preparation can vary. It depends on the degree of complexity of the operation on the nose, its duration, the operated body region and other factors.

However, there are actions that must be followed during any operation. First you need a bathe and change underwear before rhinoplasty. This must be done previous evening, not only for hygienic reasons, but for medical purposes. This preventive measure. This reduces the chances of microbial contamination of the wound during and after surgery.

The Best Rhinoplasty Patients Are In Good Health

Before the operation, following the instructions of the medical staff, it is necessary to shave the skin of the area of the body where the operation will take place. This should be done gently, without cuts and use personal means for shaving, so as not to bring an infection. On the eve of the operation should not overstrain oneself. Night Before rhinoplasty you need to sleep well. Doctor prescribes hypnotics or sedatives for these purposes.

After surgery, your body will have to work hard to stimulate the healing process. Your body needs in a good rest before surgery. Pay attention to your clothing. Clothing should be by season, comfortable, spacious, did not hamper the movements. Shoes choose a a comfortable and light.

Here is not a complete list of pre-preparation prior to rhinoplasty. Essential questions are diet before surgery, receiving medicines, which you use constantly, and more. Individual plan of preparation for the operation is provided for each patient. Your doctor monitors the implementation of the plan. They are one of the most important elements of successful surgical treatment. Be healthy.