Nasal Hump Removal

Nasal Hump Removal is the most common operation in cosmetic surgery aimed at changing the shape of the nose. Surgery is performed between the ages of 20 to 40 years. The price depends on the type of disadvantages which should be corrected.

Age-related indicators in this case is extremely important. Rhinoplasty is not recommended before 16-18 years, because of the facial skeleton are actively formed before this age.

The goal of nasal hump removal is a nose that would look natural and in well with other facial features.

The operation allows to correct the undesirable features of the nose. Nose reshaping allows you to make the nose more straight, narrow, short, or vice versa a long, according to patient wishes.

Rhinoplasty tip of the nose is quite widespread in aesthetic surgery.

This operation provides the ability to change the shape, size and angle of the tip of the nose. It is also possible to remove a small hump and to correct a deviated septum.

In this case the rhinoplasty tip allows you to change appearance for the better with minimal intervention.

A complex rhinoplasty may require in case more serious problems with nose (price is presented in a specially prepared table at the bottom of this page).

Thus, nasal hump removal is an art, which can give the desired results while maintaining the natural functions of the nose. Planning Stage. When the surgeon must have a good knowledge of functional and anatomical features of this part of the face, as well as a great sense of harmony and balance of the face.

The Only Way To Remove A Nasal Hump Is With Nose Job Surgery

Rhinoplasty is divided into types depending on the reasons that prompted the patient to have surgery: the aesthetic (performed only for aesthetic reasons), functional septoplasty (functional reasons) and the combination of both operations.

How Much Does a Nasal hump removal Cost?

The price of rhinoplasty surgery is formed depending on the complexity of the procedures and professional qualifications specialist.

Often the prices are formed depending on the qualifications of the specialist. The use of innovative technologies can also affect the cost of rhinoplasty.

Shaving Down Nasal Hump

Do not be amiss to ask not only the cost of services, but also the quality work of the clinic. Reviews of patients can help determine the level of the clinic.

No less significant to determine the level of services provided in such a delicate area as rhinoplasty is a photo showing the exterior of a person “before” and “after” surgery. But, of course, the determining factor for many people is the price of a procedure such as rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty tip is a very popular operation. It is not too expensive and easily tolerated by the patient. In addition to the procedure you need to to hand over analyzes.

Also in the cost of the operation include the type of anesthesia. Price rhinoplasty may depend on the surgeon’s skill.

Removing A Nose Hump Is A Very Common Operation

Be prepared to see higher prices for the operation, if there is a need to address a professor, but also the quality of work will be different. As practice shows, the price is an important factor, but it is much more important to find a truly highly skilled surgeon. As show the customer reviews of our clinic – all experts of the center are highly qualified.

Nose beauty surgery: price

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, prices are presented on the official website of our clinic. Rhinoplasty in our clinic is the best prices and guarantee desired result. You can look patient comments at our website.

Hump nose is one of the main nasal aesthetic defects. As a rule, small hump on the nose of the child appears not once, but only in adolescence. The reasons for the formation of a hump on the nose are obvious – it is a genetic predisposition, or the result of injury the bone of the nose.

Nasal Hump Removal Can Be Performed Under General Or Local Anesthesia

Bone hump on the nose in different individuals differ in height, in most cases it is symmetrical. Removing nasal hump is made only under general anesthesia.

When you remove nasal hump are used either an external access, or one of the endonasal approaches. Osteochondral hump is removed or in one piece or in stages. More preferred is a gradual removal of the hump.

In patients after correction of osteochondral hump, bridge of the nose becomes wide and easily palpable, with a thin skin is also observed symptom of “open roof.” For the purpose of narrowing the nasal bridge, as well as to eliminate the symptom of “open roof” is performed quadripartite osteotomy of the nasal bones.

Technique of correction of bump on the nose is discussed at the consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Nasal Hump Removal Dorsal Hump Excision Can Be Accomplished Through A Closed Or Open Rhinoplasty Technique

Taking into account your wishes, the plastic surgeon will be able to determine the amount of required surgical intervention, because often, in addition to removing the hump on the nose, required correction of other aesthetic defects of the nose.

Preparation for surgery:

Consultation with the surgeon.

Medical tests are carried out in the clinic, the validity of blood tests 10 days.


  • The patient comes to the clinic for surgery, concludes an agreement on the treatment and makes the payment.
  • The surgeon applies the markup.
  • Surgeon takes pictures to compare the results after surgery.
  • Anesthesia: intravenous anesthesia.
  • The duration of the operation: 60 to 120 minutes.
  • Day after surgery, the patient is in hospital. Possible stay in the clinic for several days, if necessary.

Nasal Hump Removal Before & After