Korean Rhinoplasty Before And After

Korean rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Asia today. This procedure is aimed to give a “European” appearing nose.

“European” nose should have a thin and a high back, wings of the nose more defined and are not as extensive as in the “Korean” style nose.

The popularity of Korean rhinoplasty due to the influence of the West to the eastern culture.

What gives Korean rhinoplasty:

– eliminates the typical Korean flattened nose;
– it makes the nose more narrow and accurate;
– it makes more rounded nose wings;
– change the height of the nasal bridge.

Recovery period after Korean rhinoplasty practically does not differ from conventional, but the skin of the representatives of the Korean race is characterized by a higher density, so there is a risk of scarring.

The success of the operation will provide a thorough simulations as well as the choice of a surgeon with extensive experience of this type of operations. It is important that the expert was well aware of the structural features of the Korean nose, as well as social and cultural aspects of plastic surgery.

Korean patients most often complain of a flat bridge of nose, round, wide, convex, tip of the nose short and wide, fleshy wings of the nose (“wings” or side of the nose).

Insufficient height the bridge of nose can be corrected by using a nasal implant appropriate size and shape.

Korean Rhinoplasty Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Challenging Plastic Surgery Procedures For Doctors

Several types of implants have been developed for the Korean rhinoplasty, but for the tip of the nose, some surgeons prefer to use the implant “Medpor”. “Medpor” structure similar to an artificial bone and physical characteristics reminiscent of coral.

Due to its porous structure, this implant is firmly connected to all tissues and less susceptible to deformation as compared with other materials such as silicon. Furthermore, the risk of of infection when using this implant is very low (lower than that of silicon and Gore-Tex).

The surgeon carefully models the shape of the implant to suit your nose. It takes time, so the surgeon never does Korean rhinoplasty quickly. If the tip of the nose is not too short and not too convex, the right and left cartilages of nasal tip are sewn together and thus make the nose narrower and a little sharper.

Korean Nose Job Can Improve The Overall Impression Of A Person’s Look

Placement of the implant in order to increase the height bridge of the nose and narrowing nasal tip by joining the lateral cartilages are performed by the internal incision of the nostrils.

It is closed rhinoplasty which leaves no visible scars.

If the tip of the nose noticeably a convex and (or) very short is necessary to perform a more extensive scope of work: modification and change position cartilages nasal tip are needed in order to make the tip smaller and narrower, and the placement the cartilage graft allows lengthen the nose and give it the desired shape.

The surgeon prefers to use as a graft cartilage tissue of the nasal septum. The nasal septum is the wall that separates the nose on the right and left sides.

Augmenting The Nasal Tip

As a rule, the quality of the cartilage tissue is suitable for transplantation, and their number is sufficient for the operation. Moreover, it is very convenient to borrow the tissue from the part of the body on which surgery is performed.

If necessary, the surgeon uses the ear as a second donor area. The cartilage in the ear is ideal for transplantation. To lengthen the nose and give it the right shape, the doctor carefully calculates and creates a cartilaginous graft, and then installs and fixes it.

Open rhinoplasty is performed in the case transplantation of cartilage to form the tip of the nose. In this case, an incision is made in each nostril, then two incisions are joined into one that passes through a columella (nasal septum in the middle nose between the nostrils).

Augmenting The Nasal Dorsum

The incisions provide full access to the internal structure of the nose and its better visibility, which is extremely important during the more complex operations. Despite the fact the scar remains in place of incision after operation. The scar is located in the lower part of columella and almost imperceptible. And tends to become paler with time.

The broad wings of the nose can be made smaller using reduction surgery of the nose. Postoperative scars are placed in the folds the nose wings, and they are almost not visible.

Below has pictures of Korean patients before and after: How to look before the plastic surgery and after. An interesting photo comparisons, and commentary. Pictures will help you evaluate the quality of surgeons work and to understand how the appearance can be changed by this operation.

Korean Rhinoplasty before and after pictures