Iranian Nose Job Before And After

At present, Iran is a leader in the number of rhinoplasty surgery. It is even more surprising since Iran is a strict Islamic state, where it is forbidden to women to walk even with uncovered head.

However, Iran has outscored not only all countries on the number of corrections of the nose form, but and United States of America that is the main a state in the sphere of plastic surgery.

After all, Iranian women are oriented mainly on the puppet faces and little Hollywood noses. And this desire to get a Hollywood appearance for them is now the strongest of all moral norms.

What caused such a demand for such a procedure in Iran? The fact is the religion in Islamic countries obligates of Women to wear the hijab, which wraps its figure from head to toe, leaving open only the face.

Therefore, it is the only part of the body which can attract a man for the purpose of marriage.

Now the demand for rhinoplasty surgery and other cosmetic treatments in Iran has become so large that it certified plastic surgeons no longer cope with the volume of work that has led to the emergence of a large number of “skilled craftsmen” without licenses.

Therefore, increased the number of unsuccessful operations in this field of surgery. Despite the fact that the plastic surgery costs several average monthly salaries.

Each year, 200 thousand of Women do rhinoplasty in Iran. In this way they try to make themselves more attractive to be able to increase their chances of a successful marriage.

Especially because of the hijab, the nose is the only part of the body which they can boast.

Iran Is Known As The Rhinoplasty Capital Of The World

As has told to one of the residents of Iran: “In the human nature, and especially in women has always been inherent desire to attract attention to itself. Every woman wants to have a beautiful figure, and smooth skin, and beautiful hair … But the hijab does not allow us show it in the Islamic countries, because only the face remains open. Therefore rhinoplasty for Iranian women is an opportunity to make this part of the body as much as possible beautiful. ”

Iranian rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery section, which examines not only ways to restore an absent nose and its components by replacement defects living tissues, but also ways to surgically correcting congenital and acquired irregular shapes of the nose.

Indications for Iranian nose job

Iranian Nose Job Based On Standards Of Beauty In Tehran

Iranian rhinoplasty can be performed with 18 years old in the case of congenital defects of the nose, although the final formation of the nose comes to an end on average to 20 years old (the formation of bone of the about to 16-18 years, and cartilage tissue – about to 20 years old). The optimum age for rhinoplasty from 20 to 35 years old.

Rhinoplasty is indicated in the following cases:

  1. hump on the bridge of the nose;
  2. too pointed or thickened tip of the nose;
  3. the hooked tip of the nose;
  4. excessive length of the nose;
  5. expanded nostrils;
  6. saddle-shaped nose;
  7. curved nasal septum;
  8. Iranian Nose Job Is Very Popular In Persian Culture

  9. congenital and post-traumatic deformation of the nose;
  10. violation or complete inability to nasal breathing.

The best results in Iranian nose job are achieved using conservative methods, which preserve natural and normal appearance of the nose. One of the important moments in rhinoplasty is the quality and thickness of the skin and nasal angles.

This is determined by the standard color images of the nose before surgery and after surgery and their serial repetition.

Patients should pay attention to the state of breathing after rhinoplasty. If the nose is too narrow, you may have trouble breathing! Sometimes patients have resorted to the services of the surgeons to make a so-called puppet’s nose,but this results in to the closure of the valve and the patient has severe nasal congestion.

Iranian Nose Job To Improve On The Look With Plastic Surgery

Minor changes after nose surgery can last for several months. Thick skin is rich in sebaceous glands and subcutaneous tissue has more problems with the result of rhinoplasty.

Patients with a thick skin must wait until the skin is restored. Rhinoplasty is divided into 2 types: the open and closed. Both methods are allowed under the decision of the surgeon.

Sociologists point out that in Iran every year a growing number of women having plastic surgery for nose. Experts attribute this to the growing role of women in contemporary Iranian society.

We are witnessing a kind of eastern emancipation. Plastic surgery has played an important role in this. A growing number of Iranian women become independent and improves their appearance.

Iranian Noses Are Generally Bigger Than European Ones

Cosmetic surgery on nose is becoming an important part of the “liberation” of the process for the residents of Iran. Cosmetic surgery in Iran, where the average salary of the teacher salary is $ 200, widespread among the middle class. The cost of the procedures in this country is relatively inexpensive and accessible. In defending their social rights, Iranian women as well as European woman, are trying to correct the figure, increase breast and correct the shape of the nose.

In this section we published a photo before and after iranian nose job. All photos posted with the consent of patients.

Most of the problems with appearance can be corrected with properly chosen hairstyle, clothes and cosmetics. However, this is a temporary solution and many people are not satisfied with it. Most men and women prefer correcting flaws of appearance is radically – with the help of plastic surgery.

Iranian Nose Job Makes Your Nose Small

It is important to choose a competent and qualified person in Iran. The skill of a plastic surgeon can be estimated, including, and on photographs before and after surgery.

Result of plastic surgery on nose is the proof of professionalism. For future patients will be helpful to consider these photos after nose job, you can see the original problem and the final result. This will help to understand how really correct certain defects of appearance and make the final decision about rhinoplasty.

Iranian Rhinoplasty Before After Photos