Hooked Nose Rhinoplasty Before And After

Here are the photos before and after hooked nose rhinoplasty. First of all, we must know that the nose is more complicated than we are used to seeing. Surgery to correct hooked nose tip consists in excision of excess soft tissue and suturing the ligaments that ensures their return to the natural position for a young person.

In a small number of cases, these structural features of the nose are from birth (and they also can be corrected during plastic surgery), but in most cases, people whose age has passed for forty, have a hooked nose.

It is always a combination of different options for the structure of the skin, cartilage and nasal bones. All this compels us to use different variants of the combined operations in the deformation of the external nose and violations of respiratory function.

Our photo gallery of patients before and after rhinoplasty can help you evaluate these peculiarities. Hooked Nose Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose. Basically, the procedure is aimed at solving aesthetic problems: big nose, hump, broad bridge of the nose and other visual defects.

The same operation is performed to restore breathing after injuries. (working with restoration of bridge of the nose). Unfortunately, many patients find that Rhinoplasty can change the nose completely and give it any shape.

But this is not quite true, since manipulations occur on the concrete form of the nose, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of each individual case taking them into account.

At the initial consultation with a doctor, you can get detailed information about the possibilities of the operation considering aesthetic and physical features of the nose.

How To Treat A Hooked Nose

Changing the shape of the external nose or Rhinoplasty is a type of surgical intervention aimed at changing the shape and size of the nose as a whole or its individual structures. We always performed surgical intervention which simultaneously provides a complete nasal breathing and the shape of the external nose, which we have modeled in advance.

Hooked NoseRhinoplasty is one of the most difficult sections of plastic surgery on nose, but significant improve the appearance of the face with the help of such operations: reduce the nose, remove the bump, lower or raise the tip of the nose to eliminate scoliosis of the nose, to correct a tip nose, etc.

Before the surgery, we have to execute simulation of the result. Initial consultation is free of charge.

Basic information about the operation:

Hooked Nose Historically Better Known As Roman Nose

  1. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia (you are sleeping).
  2. During the surgery, we perform a correction of the external nose and nasal septum – simultaneously.
  3. The duration depends solely on the complexity of the operation (on average 90 min.).
  4. The recovery period depends on the complexity of the correction of the external nose and the individual characteristics of the patient – to an average a full recovery takes from 14 days to 20 days, including 5 days you are in the hospital.

Rhinoplasty for hooked nose does not belong to the category of urgent surgical interventions – hence it is very important to understand:

People With Hooked Nose Have A Very Big Nose A Small Jaw Line

  • the need for this operation, particularly in your case;
  • potential complications which may be associated with surgery;
  • the duration of the recovery period.

Review the results of operations in the photo gallery section. You can see what changes can be achieved with the help of rhinoplasty. This article posted photos of people before and after rhinoplasty. And if you are still in thought, it worth doing a rhinoplasty or not, these images of patients taken before and after rhinoplasty can help you make a decision.

After evaluating the results of various operations, you will be able to understand as far such a procedure as Rhinoplasty can change your appearance.

Of course having decided on surgery, a person begins to search for photos before and after rhinoplasty on the personal websites of plastic surgeons. You can learn about the doctor’s professionalism and how he works.

We advise to do so. But on this page you can see photos before and after of rhinoplasty, without specifying the names and clinics for general information and understanding of the possibilities of this operation.

Hooked Nose Rhinoplasty Before And After