Doctor Kattash in Beverly Hills, California

Dr Kattash, Beverly Hills, California Plastic Surgery On Stomach

Tummy Tuck: This lady underwent a Gastric Bypass 9 years ago resulting in a weight loss of 160 Pounds prior presentation. The patient was able to maintain her weight loss however, she wanted to address the skin overhang of her stomach that had become apparent after the Gastric Bypass. The patient underwent an Abdominoplasty with liposuction of her hips and flanks. All the skin from the belly button to above her pubic area was removed. The scar from her previous Gallbladder surgery is now relocated from the upper abdomen to her belly button. The skin removed during the surgery weighed a total of 11 pounds. Her postoperative recovery was uneventful. The patient went from a size "16" to size "8" following her procedure. (Sep 6, 2019)