Crooked Nose Before And After

Crooked nose is one of the solved causes of depression and stress, especially given the possibilities of modern medicine. With the latest technology, qualified doctors, as well as an attentive attitude of the medical staff, such surgery is no longer a serious interference in patient anatomy.

Crooked nose – causes and consequences

There are many reasons why the nose become crooked. This is often physical injury – crooked nose after punch or injury by negligence.

But there are some pathological changes initiated by genetic characteristics, peculiar structure of the organism or impairment in the growth process.

The nasal septum is the relatively weak cartilage , which can be deformed even with little effort. Symptoms of crooked nasal septum appear in a shifted bridge of the nose aside, because of which the one half body appears larger and higher.

Curving septum may be not only in cartilage tissues, and involve deeper – bone tissue. In addition, the nose may appear crooked due to the different size of the wings.

See correction of the nasal septum before and after photos and get an exhaustive answer

Visually very simple to determine the pathology of nose shape or size. It is enough to draw an imaginary vertical line from the center of the outer part of the head.

If nose is symmetrical – there is no curvature, and therefore it is necessary to examine this part of the body in other ways.

Asymmetric Noses Are Typically Characterized By Deviation Of The Bony Upper Third

The volume of nose – very subjective criterion. There is a simple recipe how to evaluate this option – quickly look into the eyes of a man, and then look away.

If the nose is the only thing that was remembered after the first impression – so the size of the nose is far from ideal.

Perfection is the proportionality of each part of of the human face.

How is rhinoplasty crooked nose?

It is easy to fix crooked nose. It’s enough to turn to a professional in the field of plastic surgery.

After all, only rhinoplasty gives you the opportunity to get rid of such disadvantage as crooked nose. Proof – multiple photos before and after surgery.

Straightening Crooked Noses Is One Of The Most Difficult Tasks In Rhinoplasty

From the moment of appealing to the specialist begins the first preparatory stage. In this process, the surgeon will determine the existence of circumstances that prevent for the surgery – and if there are none, a thorough investigation will be conducted, why the nose is crooked – because of the curvature of the nasal septum, imbalances of the wings or other reasons.

From the diagnostic result is decided the type of operation, and for its development, with the help of special computer programs, is developing a virtual model of the new shape of the nose and choosing the most effective way how to achieve the desired result.

Rhinoplasty for crooked nose can be open or closed. In the first case access to the operated surfaces is carried outside, in the second – from the internal nasal cavities.

The Asymmetric Male Nose

In the case of septoplasty, is increasingly used open method – so the surgeon can see better field of operation, and he can perfectly eliminate the curvature.

The larger surface of the outer (visible) side of the nose undergoes surgery, the longer performed the surgery itself, and the longer the process of postoperative recovery.

The algorithm how to correct crooked nose, is different depending on the cause. Treatment of curvature of nasal septum is performed under general anesthesia or after an injection of local anesthetic.

It makes an incision in the skin of bottom of the nose. Through it, the surgeon detaches the nasal mucosa tissue. Then he cuts a curved part of cartilage or bone and sews up the wound.

Cartilage Deviation Before And After

This operation is associated with a rather large blood loss, because is involved a lot of tissues saturated by blood vessels.

Therefore, after the suturing is applied fixing bandage, and the nasal passages are closed by tight wads, and bruising and swelling around the surgical field will be large.

But they will go for a few weeks – and you will see that the nose is straight, although the final result will be clear only after six months.

If the asymmetry is caused by other reasons, crooked nose correction will be performed according to another scheme, and most often it is the intervention of a closed type. More details will tell the surgeon after preoperative examination.

Bony Deviations Before And After

Many are interested in the prices of the crooked nose correction, because there is a perception that rhinoplasty – is very expensive. In fact, nose correction operations are quite affordable and provide an opportunity to get rid of ugly nose.

Results of rhinoplasty for crooked nose are shown in the photos before and after with a description of the methods used during surgery.

Photo before and after crooken nose reflect significant differences in appearance of the nose of the same person. On these images we can see that the patients are really starting to look better after surgery.

Our skilled professionals must listen carefully to each patient and take into account their wishes.

Straightening Crooked Nose

Photo after rhinoplasty reflects the attractiveness of each of our clients. The ideal shape of the nose will attract attention from others and contribute to:

  • a positive change in an integral image;
  • self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • the disappearance of health problems such as a deviated septum.

Photo before and after rhinoplasty allow visitors to our site to compare photos and assess the results. You can see that we are striving to carry out such an operation, which will be safe and at the same time help implement your dream about an attractive external image.

The recovery period proceeds without complications after this surgery. We are always ready to help you!

Crooked Nose Before And After Pictures