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Name: BodySquad
Display name: BodySquad
Mission: BodySquad is filling the gap in BodySculpting! We are offering the best non-surgical and medical BodySculpting procedures! CoolSculpting™ can permanently reduce stubborn pockets of fat, while CoolTone™ will build muscle to tone and tighten the body! Our experts include a 3 Master CoolSculpting™ technicians. Collectively our team has over 20 years of experience.
Medical director: Janet Allenby, DO


Office hours: Mon: 8:00am – 8:00pm
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Phone: (561) 571-9563
Twilio phone: (561) 571-9563
Address: 151 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 33432
City: Boca Raton
State: Florida
Country code: US
Postal code: 33432
Phone: +15619034945
Country: USA
GPS coordinates on map: 26.3507122,-80.0847555


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Medical director: Janet Allenby, DO

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Free CoolSculpting Consultation
Jan 16, 2020 /
May 17, 2033
BodySquad is America’s number 1 choice for all BodySculpting needs. Schedule your complimentary full body assesment to find out what you need to reach your goals. CoolSculpting permanently reduces stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Our staff of highly trained BodySculpters will utilize our propritary treatment plans to achieve the best results.
Specific treatments

Free CoolTone Consultation
Jan 16, 2020 /
May 17, 2033
BodySquad is America’s number 1 choice for all BodySculpting needs. Schedule your complimentary full body assesment to find out what you need to reach your goals. CoolTone builds and tones muscle creating a tighter and stronger appearance. Our staff of highly trained BodySculpters will utilize our propritary treatment plans to achieve the best results.
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Janet Allenby, DO

Name: Janet Allenby, DO
Statement: Dr. Janet Allenby, DO is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology and The BodySquad in Delray Beach, Florida. Her specialties include body contouring and fillers and injectables, which she uses as an alternative to more invasive surgical procedures like facelifts and blepharoplasty.

Her passion is helping her patients to look as young as they feel with aesthetic techniques, referring to aesthetics as the “happy field of medicine.” “I’m inspired by beauty and want all my patients to experience realizing their full potential of attractiveness,” says Dr. Allenby. “I’m also personally attempting to stave off aging, which helps me find the best solutions!”

For the past 20 years, she and her team have focused on honing a practice that provides a world-class experience, comprehensive treatment planning, and patient-pleasing results, with patients from Florida and around the world enjoying natural and beautiful results, all while being pampered along the way.

She attended the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and received her DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) from the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in North Miami Beach, Florida. After graduation, she completed an internship at Nova Southeastern in Rotating General Medicine, followed by a chief residency in dermatology, also at Nova Southeastern.

Dr. Allenby is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

She is certified through the Allergan EPIC/Next Dimension Injector Program & Aesthetics Master Course Training Program and Allergan AMFAST Program, Zeltiq Coolsculpting University. Dr. Allenby is a national trainer for Sculptra and Radiesse.

Began aesthetic medicine in: 1995
Rating: 4.9


Nadja A

Name: Nadja A
Position: Staff
Years experience: 4
Biography: Nadja has worked in the medical field as an Esthetician and medical Assistant for over eight years. Her attention to detail and ability to create an exceptional patient experience has led her to the art of BodySculpting. With years of experience, and the highest level of certification in CoolSculpting, she prides herself in her work and providing the optimal patient outcome. She finds it extremely rewarding to witness their new-found confidence. Nadja has served as one of the core founders at BodySquad. Ensuring that our new space is perfect for our patients.

Bridgette D

Name: Bridgette D
Position: Staff
Years experience: 9
Biography: Bridgette has worked with Dr. Allenby for almost 10 years. She started as a laser technician and esthetician, was trained by Dr. Allenby as a Medical Assistant. Bridgette attended CoolSculpting University over 2 years ago and has been performing CoolSculpting treatments for almost 8 years. She currently serves as the Marketing Director for Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology and BodySquad. Bridgette feels proud to be part of the founding team. She loves to turn concept into reality.

While she currently serves in a more behind the scenes roll, she absolutely loves watching the transformations of patients and sharing their stories as they experience how BodySculpting can change their entire view of themselves.

Bridgette was born and raised in South Florida and enjoys everything that the beach life has to offer. When she isn’t working she loves to be on a boat with her hubby or relaxing with their 3 fur babies at home!

Briana S

Name: Briana S
Position: Staff
Years experience: 1
Biography: Bri was born in New York City and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Penn State University where she majored in Kinesiology. Bri moved to Florida in 2014 with her two Yorkies to pursue her dream of working in the medical field.

Because Bri is truly a people person, she accepted the opportunity to become a cool sculpting specialist and graduated from the CoolSculpting University program in Reston, Va. This allows her to work directly with patients throughout the process of BodySculpting and help them reach their ultimate goals. Bri loves CoolSculpting because it allows her to have a positive impact on patients.

Bri offers every patient a genuine smile and an unbreakable positive attitude. She takes great pride in making everyones day a little better.

Haley B

Name: Haley B
Position: Staff
Years experience: 1
Biography: Haley Bennett joined our BodySquad team as part of the administrative staff in January of 2019. She serves as our front desk manager and brings a smile to everyone who walks through our door! Originally from Georgia, Haley moved to South Florida when she was only 17 to surround herself with a new environment. She has worked in managerial positions for the last 4 years and is very excited to be part of the founding team at BodySquad. She is currently enrolled at Palm Beach State College pursuing her Associates Degree in Hospitality and Tourism. When she is not welcoming our clients with a big smile, she enjoys spending time with her fur babies and shopping.

Alla B

Name: Alla B
Position: Staff
Years experience: 1

Practice's answers

Answer Header & Date
Answer Snippet
What is the best temperature for CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting Candidate
Oct 5, 2020

Thank you for your question. Based on your picture it looks like you would be a great candidate for CoolSculpting. The temperature you are referring to is based on the applicator used. The settings are already programmed into the system and are not able to be changed. I would recommend searching for a provider in your area who is CoolSculpting certified and has attended CoolSculpting University. The most important thing is making sure you have the right applicators to provide the best...

Would CoolSculpting be beneficial for my jawline area?
CoolSculpting Candidate
Oct 5, 2020
Hi there, and thanks for your question!

Based on the photo provided, it does appear that you would be a candidate for CoolSculpting under the chin. You will see up to a 25% reduction of fat in the area. Many young people choose this treatment becase there is no downtime or scars and the results are permanent. I Recommend that you consult with a local provider in person to determine what the best course of action would be.

Best of luck!

Can you get CoolSculpting on your double chin when you have chin filler?
CoolSculpting Candidate
Oct 5, 2020
Hi there!

Thanks for your question! There is no problem with treating with CoolSculpting if you have had fillers. The applicator is placed under the chin. I recommend consulting with a local CoolSculpting provider in person to determine exactly what you will need!

Good luck!

I recently booked my appointment for CoolSculpting. I just want to do my outer thighs. Will that affe
CoolSculpting Candidate
Oct 5, 2020
Hi there! Thank you for your question. CoolSculpting has not been tested on pregnant women, therefore it is not considered safe. I would advise waiting until after your delivery. Best of luck!
Can CoolSculpting help my abdomen that also has visceral fat?
Oct 5, 2020
Hi there! Thanks for your question. CoolSculpting is not intended to reduce visceral fat due to it being under the abdominal muscles. Coolsculpting would not be able to draw in the tissue. CoolSculpting is great for subcutaneous fat! Hope this helps!

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