Asian Nose Job Before And After

This section contains before and after photos of asian nose job . The gallery contains photographs with examples of correction of different aesthetic and functional nasal problems: tip rhinoplasty, hump removal, nasal septum correction, re-rhinoplasty.

Photos taken before and after asian rhinoplasty, allow us to estimate the results of the surgery.

By comparing a photo before and after nose, you can easily determine how well the operation was performed and how harmoniously the perception of the new shape of the nose.

This section will enable you to understand the orientation of plastic surgery for change the shape of the nose and the expediency of its implementation.

In most cases, a positive decision is made because a comparison of the photos before and after rhinoplasty provides a clear idea of the possibilities of rhinoplasty.

Pictures before and after asian nose job can be placed with the consent of the patients!

How to Prepare for an Operation? You should pass a medical examination of the body prior to rhinoplasty to identify the conditions under which the operation is contraindicated.

Asian Nose job contraindicated in:

– acute respiratory viral infections;
– inflammatory processes on the skin of the face;
– acute renal and hepatic failure;
– cardiovascular diseases;
– coagulation disorders such as hemophilia A and B.

Asian Nose Is Augmented Rather Than Reduced

In our clinic, you can undergo a full laboratory examination, which includes:

– general blood analysis;
– blood chemistry;
– analysis of urine;
– electrocardiogram;
– ultrasound of the internal organs.

If there is no contraindications plastic surgeon will simulate the appearance of your nose after surgery using innovative 3D equipment. You tell him exactly what you want to change, and he will take into account all your wishes. Before the nose beauty surgery, he will take a photo for comparison obtained the results.

Asian Nose Job Can Change Deformities Or Make The Nose Slightly Smaller

You will also be carried out Rhinomanometry – study of nasal breathing. In planning the operation, the doctor will takes into account results of rhinomanometry if nasal breathing been disrupted, surgeon recovers it using rhinoplasty.

How the operation is performed?

The duration of the ethnic nose job depends on its complexity and volume. On average it lasts from 1 to 2 hours. Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and absolutely painless for you.

Experienced surgeons and anesthetists are working in our clinic, which will take care of your safety during the operation.

Asian Rhinoplasty Is A Broad Term That Refers To A Set Of Rhinoplasty Techniques Commonly Used In Asian Populations

Korean rhinoplasty can be performed by two methods: open and closed. Open rhinoplasty is preferred for complex operations, during which the doctor changes the shape and size of the bone and cartilage.

Incisions are made in the skin near the nose wings, and the skin pulls back to bridge of the nose. Thin seams are applied at the incision site after rhinoplasty, which do not leave scars on the skin.

Closed surgery less traumatic than open nose job. During the closed rhinoplasty the incisions are not made on the skin. All manipulations are carried out through the nostrils.

The result of the surgery.

You will be able to evaluate the results of asian nose job in 2 weeks. On the 14th day, you will need to come to the doctor for the removal of bandages and sutures.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Is Most Frequently Performed In Asian Patients

And right in this day your compare his nose with his photograph before the surgery.

The recovery period

Term hospitalization after rhinoplasty is 1-3 days. At this time, you will be under constant medical supervision and will receive all necessary medical therapy, which consists of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and decongestants. Also, you will do the dressings of the nose.

Recovery lasts 14 days. The first 5 days may be observed mild soreness and swelling. These symptoms gradually disappear. During these two weeks, you will need:

Rhinoplasty And Blepharoplasty Are Probably The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries Performed In Taiwan And Most Of The Far East

  1. Do not eat salty foods,as it may exacerbate edema.
  2. Do not wash or wet the operated area.
  3. Do not go to the solarium, sauna, swimming pool and gym.
  4. Do not play sports and to reduce physical exertion to a minimum.
  5. Do not sunbathe.
  6. Take medications that prescribed the doctor.
  7. To come to the clinic for regular inspection and the ligation.

The cost of rhinoplasty

The price depends on its size, complexity, and duration of operation. The price also includes:

    1. preoperative examination of the body;
    2. hospital stay;
    3. anesthesia;

Compared With Caucasians, Asians Generally Have A Shorter, Wider, And Less Projecting Nose

  1. medical therapy;
  2. dressings.

This section contains photo after plastic surgery for asian nose, carried out by different plastic surgeons. Photo after nose plastic surgery are divided into groups: picture after rhinoplasty; photos before asian nose job; alar base reduction; nose augmentation, deviated septum surgery, nose narrowing, flat asian nose, korean nose job and others.

Photography is a testament to how you can actually correct the the appearance imperfections.

You are given a great opportunity to view the photo after plastic surgery of nose, and compare the results based on the analysis, make conclusions, which further help you in choosing a plastic surgeon.

All the photos of asian nose job experience posted with the consent of the patients!

Asian nose plastic surgery before and after gallery