Aquiline Nose Job

Aquiline nose can be a highlight of your face. But not everyone can love this highlight. What to do? To resort to plastic surgery and “to break” the nose? No, there is a way.

Straight nose, having a small bump and the tip, slightly tending to the lips, called an aquiline. Most women and some men consider ugliness this type of nose.

Namely with the problem of change in shape of the nose, hump removal, the patients come to surgery.

Almost 90% of patients with an aquiline nose interested in the aesthetic side of the issue, not the health and any further inconvenience.

But in rhinoplasty clinics can not only reduce the aquiline nose, give it a different shape, make narrower or wider, correct the asymmetry, but also much more.

It is believed that it is possible to determine a person’s character by the shape of the nose. In women an aquiline nose are considered a sign of arrogance. These ladies do not enter into disputes and conflicts, never prove the correctness, live by their own rules.

Owners of an eagle’s profile are self-confident persons, they will not be bored alone. Their motto in life – live for their pleasure and do not care what anybody says. One of the stellar examples of women with a big nose – Paris Hilton.

In men, an aquiline nose says about the hidden sexual potential. These guys do not miss a single skirt, and also stingy, petty, and hot-tempered. How descriptions coincide with the real people, is hard to say, but it’s interesting to know. For some, the an aquiline nose – the biggest complex, for others – a huge advantage.

Aquiline Nose Is Also Called A Roman Nose Or Hook Nose

An experienced plastic surgeon told specifically for our readers about this miracle of modern plastic surgery like rhinoplasty without fracture. The path to this option of the operation has been fairly long: needed considerable experience, to take account of the shortcomings of standard rhinoplasty.

It involves a decreasing of nasal hump by means of fracture, and this is quite traumatic for the nose and the recovery period. Not to mention the fact that patients frightened by the prospect to “break your nose.” For a long time, plastic surgeons removed only a small hump, not paying attention to the tip of the nose.

But people who have pronounced hump with normal tip of the nose, not so much. Therefore, this approach initially incorrect. This approach resulted, firstly, to the not very beautiful aesthetic results, and secondly, seriously violated the respiratory function.

Aquiline Nose Is A Human Nose With A Prominent Bridge

If you look at the structure of the nose from below, you can see that it has the form of a pyramid with side walls separated by a partition. To reduce its height, it is necessary to completely disassemble. The only option is to parse this “pyramid” in terms of surgery is to break it.

Surgeons use such terrible tools like a chisel and a hammer: with their help, the base of the pyramid removed, the surgeon makes two fractures in the area of the side walls and breaks his nose with a crunch.

Many patients refuse of such an operation after watching these videos. The crunch of bones and hammering is not for the faint of heart. It is therefore necessary to find a less traumatic way to perform such an operation.

How is aquiline nose job performed without a fracture?

Ideal Nose Reshaping Candidate

Really remarkable effect can be achieved without a fracture – by surface grinding back of the nose and the strengthening of the tip when picked up. Standard operation lasts about one and a half hours and takes place under general anesthesia.

Patients do not feel nothing. They wake up with splints and patch is already on the nose. Tampons remains for about 12 hours in the nasal passages, which can be removed on the next day.

How to prepare for aquiline nose job?

Aquiline Nose In Man

This operation does not require special preparation. I have a few secrets in preparation for rhinoplasty patients with porous, greasy skin – it should be made more an elastic, so that it is well decreased by an the postoperative period.

Aquiline nose job can be performed in two ways:

Open when the incision passes on bone bridge between the nostrils. With this intervention, the skin peels off completely, which allows the physician to control the process;

Closed. With this operation, the incision is made inside. The doctor have to work blindly. This option is considered more lenient, since it requires less recovery time, and minimally traumatize the tissue.

Aquiline Nose Giving To The Appearance Of Being Curved Or Slightly Bent

The operation to correct the aquiline back of the nose and remove other imperfections takes about 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. The recovery period is 14 days or more. Moreover, the first week will have to wear special bandage that will fix your nose.

You can see the final result, and evaluate your updated look out not earlier than six months. During this period the nose should be restored, and receive the right shape and size.

The period of recovery after aquiline nose job

The period of recovery after rhinoplasty aquiline without a fracture is shorter. The bruises will disappear after 5 days at the same time a small swelling will persist in the area of nose. You can already start to work. Will agree the term recovery and return to the working rhythm are an important factors.

Aquiline Nose Definition

Changing the shape of the nose is a very important decision, and every patient who is planning surgery, wants to see the effectiveness of the work of surgeons. We offer you photos of the nose after rhinoplasty, as well as a brief description of the methods of operation. Please note that the nose after rhinoplasty in the photo does not have any traces of surgical intervention. We adds photos of patients who have passed the period of rehabilitation.

According to statistics, a full recovery takes about a year. After an open rhinoplasty, hardly noticeable trace can remain on the skin, but soon it virtually disappear.

Photos before and after aquiline rhinoplasty of the nose are of great interest, because it is the most conspicuous part. Desire to patients as quickly as possible and easier to recover and return to work or education without the slightest sign of surgical intervention is justified. Such operations require a jeweler’s skill.

Septoplasty is aimed at eliminating the functional deficiencies of the nasal septum, but also the aesthetic effect is of great importance, so we added photos before and after the operation on the website. On the images can be clearly seen as a deviated septum spoils the appearance of the nose up to the full deformation. The nose has got harmonious form after the intervention, and the patient get rid of many unpleasant sensations.

Aquiline nose pictures