Spa Trouvé on 9th – Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah

57 Year Old Mother Treated With Vampire Cosmetic Face Lift By Doctor Spa Trouvé On 9th – Salt Lake City

Spa Trouvé is excited to be offering PRP Hair Restoration Treatments in Utah. This amazing service has restored confidence and given new life to many of our clients in Highland, Orem, Draper and Salt Lake City.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. You’ve probably heard of the popular PRP treatment, the Vampire Facial, but the benefits of PRP aren’t just for the beautifying the skin. The medical industry has been using PRP for years to treat a wide variety of issues, from Joint Therapy to Breast Volume. This is immediately after a Vampire Facial.

(Dec 3, 2018)