Rhinoplasty surgery pictures

Rhinoplasty surgery pictures are a great way to help communicate with your surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a very intricate procedure requiring a surgeon with extensive experience and training. In order to achieve your desired result it is first of all important to select a qualified surgeon. When meeting with your surgeon for you consultation, it is always a good idea to bring in rhinoplasty surgery pictures of how you would like your nose to look. This helps your surgeon better understand your goals and opens up the conversation for realistic expectations. To help visualize your potential results we offer digital imaging on our website. This is a useful tool to help visualize your results and explain your expectations to your surgeon. Rhinoplasty is an art. The true testament to a surgeon’s skill is applying their knowledge and skill to shape a nose that best compliments the features of the patient’s face keeping in mind the patient’s goals, rather than creating the same look for all. (Tarick K. Smaili, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty surgery photos to consultation

The problem is that most fashion magazine photos do not show a true side view and they tend to portray what may be a imperfect nose in its most favorable light. Rhinoplasty surgery pictures therefore can provide then surgeon a general idea of the shape and important contours that are important. The photo may also be a good lead to discuss other facial issues such as the chin, cheek, jaw line and neck. As a generality, male noses are somewhat harder to contour and may require more cartilage and bone alterations due to thicker skin. Over reduction can cause all contour to be lost while minor but effective changes can be dramatic. It is customary for a year to pass before success or failure is determined. (Paul S. Howard, MD, Birmingham Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty surgery pictures of noses you like helps the initial consultation

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I think it helps tremendously to show photos of noses you like and also, noses you do not like. Both help to communicate what your aesthetic desires are. It will also help your surgeon make some judgements about what is possible according to your expectations. Bring in photos that make sense. (Jay Calvert, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Bringing Photos to Rhinoplasty Consultation

The more information we as rhinoplasty surgeons have about the patient’s desires, the better we can deliver those results. So, bringing pictures of noses you find attractive can help the surgeon in better understanding your aesthetic goals. One caveat: Many photos in magazines are heavily modified (photoshoped, air-brushed, make-up / lighting tricks) and may not be an exact representation of that person’s real nose! (A. John Vartanian, MD, Glendale Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Bring pictures of noses you like to a Rhinoplasty consult

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Nose shapes that you might like can be difficult to describe with words. A picture is worth a thousand words. With this information your surgeon should be able to incorporate these desires into a digital image morphing session and be able to tell you what is and what is not possible with rhinoplasty, It is yet another tool to communicate with your doctor. (Andrew Jacono, MD, Great Neck Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Bringing pictures to rhinoplasty consultation

A long nose definately can be shortened without looking “chubby.” However, one must keep in mind that rhinoplasty is not like sculpting with clay. Working with bone, cartilage and tissue can be challenging. Some surgeons do just their style of nose.

I try to keep the person looking like themself and simply clean up what is undesireable. Bringing in pictures does help the sugeon know what kind of results you are looking for. The reality of what can be surgically accomplished is another thing.

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I try to be honest with the patient discussing what I think can actually be done. It is important to chose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is highly experienced in all types of noses. (Harold J. Kaplan, MD, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon)

It is a good idea to bring rhinoplasty surgery pictures to your rhinoplasty consult

It is a good idea to bring photos to your rhinoplasty consult just so your surgeon can have a good idea of what you are hoping for. As you probably know there are limitations based on your anatomy that your surgeon should discuss with you and so it may be impossible to give you the same nose as the model or actress you borough photos of, but I like to see these photos just to get an idea of what you aesthetic goals are. The more information I can get from a person the better chance I have of determining if their expectations are realistic. And patients with realistic expectations are the happiest patients. (Jason B. Diamond, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Bring your photos of desired noses to Rhinoplasty consultation

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I have mixed feelings about patients bringing photos of noses they like that they see in magazines or elsewhere. It can be helpful to know what the patient likes and what they think looks good. On the other hand it can be problematic if a the patient is fixed on a celebrity nose that would be physically impossible to give them. That being said,

I occasionally have patients bring in photos of noses they like and I keep them in mind while I do the imaging on our computer to simulate the results I feel we can offer them. To answer your second question about changing the length of a nose, I feel that significant shorting can be achieved as long as the nose is kept proportional to the face.

How much shortening you would benefit from would of course depend on your specific anatomy. (Ivan Wayne, MD, Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon)