Rhinoplasty photos

Photos of desired nose appearances before rhinoplasty

Pictures can tell me what your sense of a beautiful nose are. The surgeon cannot duplicate that nose, they can work with your nose, skin, cartillage and bone.

Males have thick skin, difficult to deal with. Male rhinoplasty should not feminize the nose.

Tell your surgeon what you want and they will be able to tell you if that is achievable. (Samir Shureih, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

Photos and rhinoplasty

Yes, you can take photos to your Rhinoplasty consultation, but keep in mind that every person’s nose is different, and therefore your results cannot be guaranteed to look like anyone else’s.

Noses can be refined, but male skin is thicker, and the results can be more subtle and take longer to be evident.

As long as you are aware of this prior to surgery, you won’t be disappointed. (Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty photos to consult

First, I would say every patient is unique. The most important rhinoplasty photos are always the ones of the patient. Having said that any and all additional information is helpful so I would say yes. You need to understand that while you like a nose on a certain face your bone and fat structure may or may not be similar. (Jay M. Pensler, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty photos are great to bring along, but can’t “copycat” noses

Rhinoplasty photos pain after photos

Bring some rhinoplasty photos of what you might want your nose to look like to your consulatation. Understand, however, that no surgeon can give you someone else’s nose. Your own surgical outcome depends on lots of factors, like skin thickness, cartilage thickness and strength, oily or dry skin and genetics. (Stuart H. Bentkover, MD, Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Photos for Rhinoplasty

I have found that when patients bring pictures to consultations it can be very helpful to begin discussions of what the patient perceives as an attractive nose. This discussion is very tricky, however, and must effectively be redirected to what possibilities and limitations the patient’s anatomy presents for the given desired outcomes. This is best done using morphing software to work with the given anatomy of the patient as a starting point.

Rhinoplasty photos swelling after

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to give a realistic “morphed” outcome that can look very close to the real outcome. in referrence to your question about the nose length in men. Many of the male rhinoplasty patients you see online are based on a desire to look as natural as possible. Frequently the shortening of a nose can cause an increase in the nasolabial angle. This results in an uptruned nose that is generally not accepted as a masculine appearance. I hope this helps, and that you have the best possible outcome with your surgery.  (Behrooz Torkian, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Pictures are good to bring

Because they help the surgeon know what you’d like your nose to look like. Unfortunately however alot of magazine photos are that helpful. Why? Because many of them have been ‘touched up’, they frequently are small in size, dont enlarge well and often they are mostly frontal shots which are the least revealing. However they can be a starting point in your discussions. (Oakley Smith, MD, Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon)

It helps to bring pictures to your consult

Rhinoplasty photos of recovery

Cosmetic surgery is something you do for yourself. Bringing rhinoplasty photos of desired noses lets your physician visually have an idea of what you want. The ultimate result, long or short, chubby or thin, depends on what your anatomy brings in, and what the surgeon can do. Please bring them and spend the time working with your physician to come up with a pleasing preoperative plan. (Keith Denkler, MD, Marin Plastic Surgeon)

Much better to discuss what can be done on patient’s nose

In order to help achieve the best possible result from surgery, it is important to let your surgeon know exactly what your goals are for the surgery. That being said patients often get too hung up on getting someone else’s nose. In truth, its much better for the surgeon to discuss with the patient what can be done with their nose! I do think it is essential that your surgeon use computer software to show you your altered nose.

It is also much more important for you to see many rhinoplasty photos of their work.including noses that look like yours. This is your best predictor of your surgery will turn out. (Benjamin C. Marcus, MD, Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon)