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Clear communication between patient and surgeon critical for optimizing Rhinoplasty results

In order to help acheive the best possible result from surgery, it is important to let your surgeon know exactly what your goals are for the surgery. Bringing photographs can be very helpful in this process.

We also utilize computer imaging to help in the discussion. Be clear and forthright about your goals and expectations, and be sure to discuss potential problems or complications of the surgery as well.

The more open you are with your surgeon, the better the chance that an experienced surgeon will give you the result you want. (Michael H. Rosenberg, MD, White Plains Plastic Surgeon)

Computer imaging is superior to photographs to communicate with your surgeon

Some plastic surgeons may be concerned when a prospective patient brings photos of other individuals, such as a fashion model, to demonstrate the result they are seeking from the surgery.

A patient who comes with photos may be construed as having unrealistic expectations and therefore impossible to please. However, if the patient can demonstrate a rational understanding of the use of these photos then they can be helpful to the surgeon and the surgical outcome.

Rhinoplasty images help the surgeon to better understand the patients goals and to inform the patient preoperatively whether they can be achieved. But there is an even better modality than the use of photos for the patient and surgeon to communicate.

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The use of a computer imaging program allows the surgeon to digitally alter the patients own nose thereby demonstrating visually his understanding of the patients goals. As with photos, the patient must recognize that the computer image is just a goal that cannot be guaranteed. (David A. Ross, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Bringing rhinoplasty images helps the surgeon get the Rhinoplasty results you want

I always like when a patient brings in photos of their desires. This helps me understand the patients expectations and desires. By evaluating and seeing what a patient feels is attractive I can figure out if the patient is realistic about his or her expectations and whether they are likely to be happy with their results. On another topic, long noses are harder to make smaller but with an experienced nasal surgeon you should be able to get reasonable results. (Carlos Wolf, MD, Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Bringing Photos to your Rhinoplasty Consult can help

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Rhinoplasty images illustrating what you consider to be a desirable nose can help your surgeon identify what your aesthetic goals are, and can enhance your communication. (If you are the victim of trauma, photos of your nose before the accident can also be helpful!)

You must realize, however, that while it is impossible to “give” someone the nose of a famous person or model, certain aesthetic ideals of those noses can be utlilized in the reshaping of your nose. (Randolph Capone, MD, Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty images can be very helpful to demonstrate your aesthetic sensibility

When I was a resident, I was told that if someone shows up for a consultation with rhinoplasty images from a magazine of a celebrity, run the other way – very fast.

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I have found that is not necessarily true. Bringing photos can help demonstrate a patent’s aesthetic sense and what they consider to be an attractive nose. Given this parameter, a surgeon cannot make your nose look exactly like the one in the photo but can discuss how your nose may be similar or different. Results depend on the underlying anatomy, skin type and the surgeon’s skill This leads to the second half of the question.

Long noses can be shortened. The amount depends again, on your anatomy. I like to use computer imaging and demonstrate potential changes. If a doctor is “honest” with the imaging, reasonable results can be predicted. Seek out a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss what can be done with your nose. (Steven J. Pearlman, MD, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Pictures during rhinoplasty consultation give ideas on your expectations

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It is not required to bring rhinoplasty images but it does help show the physician an idea of what you expect or are looking for. The surgeon can then explain what is possible with your anatomy. Most rhinoplasty surgeons should have several pictures for you to review to help with this process. (William J. Hedden, MD, Birmingham Plastic Surgeon)

Bringing photos to a rhinoplasty consultation

Bringing photos to a rhinoplasty procedure may not be a bad idea. Importantly, it will let your surgeon know if you are realistic about what can be achieved. Remember, even the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world is limited by patient anatomy and especially skin thickness (or “chubby” as you have described). Regarding refining long noses, the length of the nose can be lengthened or shortened using different techniques. However, as stated above, there is a limit to what can be achieved. (Michael A. Jazayeri, MD, Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon)