Resetting broken nose

A broken nose can be fixed many years later without any problem.

To fix a broken nose after many years is done by rebreaking the nasal bones and fixing the septum which is probably deviated.

This can be done by an ENT or plastic surgeon. (Toby Mayer, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

An old broken nose can be reset

After a long time a nasal bone fracture heals into its new distorted position. When this occurs, the nasal bones need to be re-fractured to be reset into their proper position.

This is usually done with small incisions inside the nose. (Andrew Jacono, MD, Great Neck Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Treating a broken nose many years after injury

Broken bones heal. Therefore, it cannot technically be reset. In most instances the bones are cut and repositioned or grafts of cartilage are placed to correct or camouflage the appearance of the broken bones or any irregularities. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Post traumatic rhinoplasty

A plastic surgeon or ENT surgeon can correct the defect. This is not the same as in an acute fracture in which the bones can be moved easily. In the delayed repair, the nose bones have to be re-fractured and likelhy filed down somewhat. (Scott E. Kasden, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Nasal Fractures Can Be Fixed Years Later

The resetting broken nose

It is possible to fix the nasal fractures years after the initial injury. An ENT doctor who is trained in treating nasal fractures and doing rhinoplasties or a plastic surgeon who does a lot of rhinoplasties will be well suited for it. (Tanveer Janjua, MD, Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nasal fractures may be repaired long after the time of injury.

If you see your ENT within 10-14 days of breaking your nose, a “closed reduction” of the fracture may be performed in an office setting with local anesthetic since the fractured nasal bones are still mobile. If you wait longer than 2 weeks from the time of your injury, the bones will heal in the wrong position. In this case an “open reduction” of your nasal fracture will be necessary.

Resetting broken nose before and after pictures

This is typically performed with general anesthetic since osteotomies would need to be performed to reposition your nasal bones. (Eric M. Joseph, MD, West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Broken nose after many years

Yes, it can be reset but the nose will need to be broken again, as the bones have healed into the wrong position. You would need to wear a splint for a week after surgery.

If the cartilage is also out of place, this could be fixed at the same time to restore a straight nose.  (Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Nose will require reshaping

Resetting broken nose after few years

After this many years following a nose fracture, the bones will need to be shaped and reset to get the best appearance. Sometimes this can be more difficult than doing the correction at the time of the injury. Is your breathing affected? Is your septum out of alignment? Have a board certified plastic surgeon look at your current situation and see what needs to be done. (Marcus L. Peterson, MD, Saint George Plastic Surgeon)

Resetting broken nose can be done

A broken nose is actually more commonly fixed after the fact. A few things:

  1. the bones may need to be re-broken
  2. you will have to wear a cast for 5-7 days
  3. You will have to avoid contact sports for 4-6 weeks after the incident

Resetting broken nose in 2 years

See a qualified ent, facial or general plastic surgeon and you can get this fixed! (Benjamin C. Marcus, MD, Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Resetting a nasal fracture

Unfortunately you can’t set an old nasal fracture but you can correct the effedts of an untreated nasal fracture. Basically it is a rhinoplasty to refracture the nose and set it properly. It may require some septal work or reshaping work as well. Speak to a plastic surgeon to see what your options are before proceeding with any surgery. (Steven Schuster, MD, Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty for old break

Resetting broken nose images

To reset a nose after a break, even a month after the injury, requires cutting the bones and cartilages and repositioning them. This is, basically, a Rhinoplasty. Thus, it is possible to revise a broken nose even years after the event. This does not necessarily require an ENT surgeon, but someone with significant experience with this problem. This could be an Otolaryngologist (ENT) or Plastic Surgeon. (Robert T. Buchanan, MD, Highlands Plastic Surgeon)

Realigning a broken nose

A broken nose which is still crooked can be realigned many years after the initial trauma. Depending upon how crooked your nose is and whether or not the septum is also involved will determine how agressive your surgical procedure may be. For example, if the nasal bones are crooked simple osteotomies may be required.

Resetting broken nose pictures

However, if the septum or midthird of the nose is also angulated additional work in the form of a rhinoplasty or grafting may be required to maximally straighten your nose. (Scott Trimas, MD, Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nasal fractures can be fixed long after injury

Usually a nasal fracture with any shift or displacement, or change in the airway should be repaired as soon as practical after an injury. It is very common however to see problems with a nasal fracture not apparent at the time, or simply not treated for a variety of reasons. There is no problem with a later repair, though after the first week the correction may involve a controlled fracture and splint to straighten the nose. Often individuals will opt for further refinements that rhinoplasty can offer at the time of fracture reduction. Keep good records of your accident or emergency room visit, if you hope for insurance coverage as they will help in establishing a medical need for surgery. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Nasal Fracture Repair Years After Injury

It is possible to reset or straighten a broken nose many years after the nasal fracture. The nasal bones will need to be re-fractured with osteotomies. Hope that you never traumatize your nose again, but should you ever fracture your nose in the future, it is much easier to reset the nasal bones within 5 to 10 days after the injury, before the bones have healed. (Michael A. Persky, MD, Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon)