Is Rhinoplasty Safe?

How safe is rhinoplasty?

One of the most popular operations in our clinic is a rhinoplasty (nose surgery). It is absolutely safe procedure through the use of the most modern medical advances.

Before rhinoplasty patient must necessarily undergo a full medical examination and 3D simulation shape of the nose. The truth is always in the middle.

Let us assume you are interested in plastic surgery of the nose, and you have asked a question to two different people: “How dangerous is rhinoplasty,” the first replied, “Why, do not worry, this kind of plastic surgery, like rhinoplasty, totally harmless! It’s like a sneeze. ” The second makes a terrible eyes:”You are crazy?! It’s like death! ” Who do you believe? That’s right: not one of them. Because, the truth, as usual, is in the middle.

The important components of success of the operation is the choice of surgeon and the clinic for rhinoplasty. Speaking about the plastic surgery of the nose, it is better not to believe rumors and speculation.

But how to do this, we will now discuss. Safety of rhinoplasty in the hands of the surgeon. The plastic surgery of the nose is practiced in many different clinics.

Today, rhinoplasty as a form of plastic surgery is quite in demand.

There are many people who need to make a correction of some congenital malformations. Patients another category intend to get rid of acquired aesthetic defects and functional disturbances of the nose – for example, emerged as a result of injury. Plastic surgery of the nose is designed to solve these problems.

How dangerous is Nasal Plastic Surgery?

In Most Cases A Nose Surgery Is Very Safe And Effective

There is a danger and when squeezing pimples on the face (you can bring an infection). Conversely, even the most complex operation can be completed without the negative consequences at competent use medical equipment and medication and while respecting the doctor’s recommendations. And, of course, if the rhinoplasty was performed by a plastic surgeon with lots of experience and very responsible.

Rhinoplasty before and after surgical action is characterized by certain an experiences. I can assure you all the excitement are groundless as modern equipment and the latest technology are guarantee the safety and the successful outcome of the operation. However, we are obliged to warn you about possible complications: after surgery may experience slight bleeding, bruising, swelling, decreased sense of smell and sensitivity, pigmentation of the nose. Most complications are temporary and pass quickly.

What are the risks, complications, and side effects of a rhinoplasty (nose job)?

In The Proper Hands, The Rhinoplasty Is Very Safe

In fact, rhinoplasty is quite a safe procedure. Still any surgery carries a risk of complications. These include bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, certain numbness of the skin, lacerations of the blood vessels, as well as the asymmetry.

If the implant was used during surgery, the most serious consequence is considered the torn skin or mechanically damaged nasal mucosa. This can happen if the implant size incorrectly selected. Well, of course, plus a medical error.

Of course, a specialist in plastic surgery of the nose is easier to find in a big city. However, you should “seven times measure” before entrusting your health to the surgeon.

Is Rhinoplasty A Safe Procedure Photo

The practice of plastic surgery of the nose shows that the result of the low qualification of the doctor are an intracranial complications, perforation or an abscess of the nasal septum, atrophy nasal cartilage, difficulty in nasal breathing.

Rhinoplasty in plastic surgery is a delicate and exacting science. Moreover, these high demands are made both to the surgeon and the patient. The patient should clearly perform all the requirements and recommendations of the physician.

Only under such conditions we can speak about the maximum safe surgery. Each operation performed by even a very professional surgeon can cause some side effects. If the patient had not previously had any disease, and the skin, mucosa, bone and cartilages of your nose are in normal condition, the side effects of rhinoplasty are not serious, and, depending on the surgeon’s skill, they can be reduced to a minimum.

Nose Job Is The Most Complex And Challenging Operation In All Of Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty is performed exclusively by qualified surgeons. It is absolutely safe procedure with a short recovery period.

Although the correction of nose shape and is one of the safest operations, there are contraindications, such as, for example, the poor state of health. It is also unsafe to do surgery in the cases, if you are:

  • smokers
  • undergoing chemotherapy
  • recently had surgery
  • suffering from chronic diseases.

Safe rhinoplasty

Plastic Surgery For Nose Is The Most Difficult Of All Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures

The human face is extremely important part of the body, so it can be trusted only to professionals. The nose is in the central part of the face and plays an important role in respiration function. Different flavors are also perceived through the nose by means of smell. The nose is quite complex organ consisting of bone and cartilage tissue.

Slight variations can change the appearance of the entire face, and usually for the worse. If there are serious problems with the shape of the nose, can be permanently nasal congestion, or even the loss of the sense of smell.

Through the development of rhinoplasty, today everyone has the opportunity to say goodbye to the nasal defects. However, is also an opportunity to adjust the respiratory function, or even to restore the sense of smell. People with the curvature of the nose can often be runny nose.

Rhinoplasty Is Safe

A small operation will allow instantly solve all the problems associated with the curvature of the nose. It is enough to even mild correction tip of the nose for correction appearance. In our time, the genetic features of the face, such as a little pronounced cheekbones, aquiline nose and big nose is not a problem. These problems can be solved with the help of plastic surgery.

If a person, for example, is not satisfied with his form nose, competent surgeon is able to give it a terrific form. The only thing that should be taken into account is the right choice of safe surgeon. Thanks to experienced surgeons, and individual approach to each patient, all operations are always a great success, without any problems or complications.

Should I change the shape of the nose?

Safest Rhinoplasty

It is individually for each person. Naturally, this affects the self-esteem. So, if a person feels the need to change the shape of the nose to look more attractive, is nothing wrong with that.

Very often have to perform rhinoplasty for medical reasons. For example, a person can obtain a deviated septum at birth, and may feel discomfort for lifetime. In this case, the operation is still needed.

The recovery period.

If you want to know how safe is rhinoplasty, reviews will help you with this. Usually surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty is one of the most serious procedures in modern surgery, and therefore requires a long period of recovery.

Usually Rhinoplasty Is Very Safe, But Always Is A Delicate Procedure

After surgery, the patient has to spend a couple days in the hospital, so doctors could make sure that the recovery goes as it should.

The patient can go home after two days. Within two weeks you will have to walk to the ligation, and the doctor will remove the plaster cast after that period.

But in this recovery does not end. The patient is forbidden to go to the sauna, to stay in the freezing cold and engage in active sports for two months.

Full recovery occurs within six months.