How To Get A Free Nose Job?

Free plastic surgery of nose is real!

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have cosmetic surgery for nose. The reason is a elementary no money. Meanwhile, many people are dissatisfied with their appearance (congenital defects, acquired as a result of injury or unsuccessful operations).

The aesthetic defects of appearance is very negatively affect mood, interfere fully live and succeed in life.

The practice for free rhinoplasty has long been known. Plastic surgeons (including the world-renowned surgeons) are conducting operations free of charge, often on condition that the patient gives his consent on publishing video reviews about the work of the surgeon, as well as the publication of their photos before and after nose surgery.

Of course, you should not blindly chase for free operation. First of all, you should make the right choice – choose a plastic surgeon. You have to trust your surgeon if you plan to do the operation. Charity program – rhinoplasty free!

Those wishing to make a rhinoplasty for free as part of the charity program needs to send a request to e-mail.

An application is sent to the aforementioned e-mail, should contain:
– Your name, age and telephone number;
– Photo of your face from the front and in profile;
– Your story (why you want to make a plastic surgery for nose, aesthetic defects which you want to remove, what result you want to get in the end).
– Specify, the plastic surgeon that you choose to perform rhinoplasty.

Free Nose Surgery Before And After Photo

Preoperative tests you pass (and you pay) by yourself.

Patient selection

The plastic surgeon will carry out the selection of the patients by himself.

How often free nose operation performed?

The decision to conduct a free nose job takes a plastic surgeon on the basis of applications of campaignparticipants. The number of operations is not known beforehand.

By submitting an application to participate in the charitable program, you should know that:

Free Rhinoplasty Surgery Due To Online Fundraising For Surgery

  1. Your story and your photo will be published on this site;
  2. Too little information application reduces the chances of becoming a winner;
  3. In the case of selection as a patient for rhinoplasty, you consent to the video interview / review, as well as video recording of nose reshaping surgery. These materials will also be published on the website.
  4. If you have any questions, you can ask them via the form on this website – to ask a question.

You can also look at examples of the work of a plastic surgeon.

Modern plastic surgery and cosmetology can work wonders, restoring youth and beauty, eliminating the inferiority complex, unloved reflection in the mirror, the physical and psychological discomfort.

Get Cosmetic Is A Fundraising Site For Nose Job Surgeries

Undoubtedly, the medicine has leaped forward, in particular, and such a direction as plastic surgery – there is practically no such aesthetic defects, which could not be overcome. Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are free of charge with our website it is possible!

Plastic surgery on nose… For Free?

In general, no, because it involves the use of expensive materials and attracting upscale doctors.

However, in some cases, the services of a cosmetologist or plastic surgery may be provided for free, as it is proposed on this site – to highlight these directions and demonstrate the professionalism, to assess the results of work of specific doctors.

Rhinoplasty Free Before And After Photo

The charity event implies not only free consultation the plastic surgeon or doctor-cosmetologist, but all the manipulations within the specified procedures to achieve a positive aesthetic result.

The project provides a unique opportunity to improve the appearance, while avoiding huge expenses. We offer the shares for free procedures of aesthetic and plastic surgery and cosmetology.

In order to become a participant of that share:

  • please register in the project;
  • familiarize yourself with the rules;
  • to apply for participation in the campaign;
  • Rhinoplasty Free Clinical Trial

  • take active participation of in discussions and to gain points;
  • and most importantly – believe in victory!

In the “Shares” You can see the currently available offerings from doctors and see the winners and to read the reports of the previous campaigns. At this point in the catalog published free plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for the current year.

In reports you will be able to see the condition of the patient before and after rhinoplasty, to get acquainted with the course of medical campaign, and patient’s impressions. Photos must be attached by the reports.

Participate in the campaign “I want a perfect nose” and have the right to make for free aesthetic rhinoplasty at leading experts!

Terms of campaign.

This Site Allows Men To Donate Money To Women To Help Them Fund A Free Nose Job

To participate in the campaign “I want a perfect nose” are allowed those who are planning to conduct a primary rhinoplasty. The main indication for nose beauty surgery must be dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the nose.

Applicants for participation in the campaign in the compulsorily creates blogs that talk about the fact that does not suit them in the nose.

If in your life occurred unpleasant situation, when the nose became an object of ridicule, tell us about them. Do not forget to attach photos – you can download them in a separate album.

Prize-winning places

  • 1 place – free rhinoplasty
  • 2 place – 50% discount on rhinoplasty
  • 3 place – 30% discount on the operation.

Free male rhinoplasty

The cost of the nose beauty surgery includes anesthesia, the operation, day hospital stay, postoperative examinations. The patient pays for tests.

Expensive plastic surgery free of charge.

Three finalists will receive a free consultation of a plastic surgeon or a beautician, that in itself is valuable, the winner also receives the service itself to correct any aesthetic imperfections on a gratuitous basis.

You can participate in promotions on a regular or ad hoc basis. You can choose the procedures from the list which can be performed free of charge in the current year.

High activity on the site and a bit of luck will help you to become a winner of the shares and use the chance to change to the better. If you have a question, how to make nose job for free, then our site is the same project that will bring you closer to the cherished goal.