Doctor Michelle R. Yagoda, MD New York, New York

Name: Michelle R. Yagoda, MD
Last name: Yagoda
Began aesthetic medicine in: 1990
Years experience: 30
Primary Specialty: Physician
Business: Michelle R. Yagoda, M.D., P.C.
Address: 1025 Fifth Avenue
Address suite: Suite #3, Direct entrance at 5 East 83rd Street
City: New York
State: New York
Zip Code: 10028
Country: US
Statement: I am a facial plastic surgeon in NYC who has been providing an integrated approach—to beauty, aesthetics, ear, nose, throat, voice, and facial medicine—since 1990! This means taking the best of multiple disciplines and combining them to deliver patient care that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
Consulting Fees: -1$
Consultation note: The doctor will spend at least 45 minutes with you directly. You will not be with a nurse or medical assistant. All options will be discussed including alternative, holistic, non-invasive, laser, injectable, and surgical ones. The doctor will share her recommendations.
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Clinical Privileges
  • Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Beth Israel Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Undergraduate: Boston University
  • Medical: MD, Boston University
Postdoc Training
  • Internship: General Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Residencies:
  • General Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital, 1991
  • Otolaryngology, Facial Plastic Surgery, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, New York Hospital / Cornell University Medical Center, Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, 1995
  • Fellowship: Head and Neck Cancer, Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, 1995

GPS coordinates on map: 40.7561,-73.98699951

Primary location
Location name: New York
State: NY
Country: US
Map point: 40.7561,-73.98699951

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RealSelf Info

Michelle R. Yagoda, MD

  • Awards:
  • Gordon Johnson Memorial Scholarship Science Award
  • American Legion Award, Leadership and Community Service
  • Professional Recognition:
  • Medical Advisory Board, United Healthcare & Oxford Healthcare
  • Chairwoman, AAFPR Public Relations Committee
  • United States Patentee, BeautyScoop, U.S. Patent No. 8,329,642 B1
  • Medical Director, Brooklyn Youth Chorus
  • United States Presidential Scholar
  • Johns Hopkins University Scholars’ Program

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Doctor Designation Start Time: Apr 12, 2017
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  • New York, NY, US. GPS coordinates: 40.7561,-73.98699951

Latest ratings of treatments

  • Skin Cancer Reconstruction (Jun 2015) – 5/5
  • Restylane (Oct 2018) – 5/5
  • Restylane (Aug 2014) – 5/5
  • Revision Rhinoplasty (Apr 2015) – 5/5
  • Rhinoplasty (Aug 2015) – 5/5

Latest Prices

Restylane Prices

  • $1501 – Oct 2018 – New York, NY
  • $1650 – Aug 4, 2014 – New York, NY

Revision Rhinoplasty Prices

  • $12500 – Apr 14, 2015 – New York, NY

Doctor’s answers

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Answer Snippet
I want a reduction of my bottom lip, can this be done? ( Photos)
Lip Reduction Surgery
Apr 13, 2017
You appear to be an excellent candidate for a natural but noticeable result.  This procedure can be done in the office in about an hour.  Please contact us further for more details and view our web gallery. Best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
I want to change my lips expressions, especially smile, so as to make them thinner.
Apr 13, 2017
Yes, your lip shape and smile can change.  For example, downward, frowning corners of the mouth can be elevated.  The amount of tooth show can be changed.  What is it that you want to change?  I would be happy to let you know if it is possible.Best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
Would an Asian rhinoplasty be worth it for me?
Natural but Noticeable Asian Rhinoplasty
Apr 13, 2017
Hi,I think you would be an excellent candidate for Asian rhinoplasty and you would likely get results that would be natural and noticeable.  The proportions of the nose in relation to each other are extremely important.  Although you only sent one partial profile view, it seems as though the bridge of your nose may be low.  By augmenting it, you will have the same lines as the women in the pictures you selected and this augmentation will change the proportions of the tip of your nose so th…
What is the Ideal Age for a Rhinoplasty?
Age for rhinoplasty
Feb 7, 2017
Dear Clau,Rhinoplasty can be done AFTER puberty is complete. I would be happy to help you further by SKYPE consultation if you like.All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
I would like to have rhinoplasty, what is the best way for me to go?
Ethnic Rhinoplasty
Feb 7, 2017
Dear kimberly1974,Thank you for submitting your photo, but additional views would be really helpful. A profile view and one showing the very top of your nose, and one showing the base, would be important. You can have a larger nose and a higher bridge.  In addition, the nostrils can be narrowed and shaped.  I would be happy to help you!Best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
How can I reduce my lip size naturally?
Lip Reduction Surgery
Feb 7, 2017
Dear Skarthikeyan,Yes, lip reduction surgery can give you natural-looking lips that are in better proportion with each other. I would be happy to help you.All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
I have extra skin under my upper lip and it ruins my smile, what can I do about it?
Lip Reduction Surgery
Feb 7, 2017
Dear KoiraKoira,From the photos you submitted, it seems as though you would be a good candidate for upper lip reduction surgery.  A consultation would be necessary to confirm if that “extra skin” is actually the wet part of the lip/the mucous membrane showing. If so, a lip reduction can make that go away.  I would be happy to help!All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
I’m interested in getting lip reduction. If the surgery done well shall I need to get the surger
Lip Reduction Surgery
Feb 7, 2017
Dear Surajit918,Lip reduction surgery, done correctly, should never need to be repeated.  All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
Is it too late for a doctor to diagnose if my nose is fractured or hurt?
Fractured Nose
Nov 15, 2016
Dear Negnegk,

No, it is not too late for an evaluation.  An ear, nose and throat doctor who is also a facial plastic surgeon has all of the expertise to evaluate and treat your nose for functional and aesthetic concerns.  She/he will be able to put your mind at ease in terms of the whether you have injured the nose bones or the cartilages of the nose. 

An exam by a specialist is typically diagnostic.  An x-ray or CT scan is rarely necessary, and it may not reveal injuries to the carti…

Do I have undereye bags?
lower eyelid bulges
Nov 15, 2016
Dear Redniharika,The bulges I see are not “bags” because bags are formed by fat that herniates out between the muscle fibers of the lower eyelid.  It seems to me, from your photos, that there is a ridge of muscle that is hypertrophied.  Hypertrophy is seen in bulging biceps, for example, when you overwork them.  Here, the lower eyelid muscle (orbiculares oculus) hypertrophy is likely caused by squinting.  While it is almost impossible to correct this problem, you can prevent it from exace…
Crooked results 2.5 months after rhinoplasty.
Crooked results after rhinoplasty
Nov 15, 2016
Dear SailorMoonFan18,The photos you provided do show that your nose is crooked.  While healing will continue for the next several months, I am sorry to tell you that I do not think that the nose bones will move or straighten out anymore with time.  Some adjusting can be done with filler if you are not happy. Revision surgery is another option, but should not be done for nine months.Best of luck,Dr. Yagoda
Is Juvederm ok for tear troughs?
Tear troughs
Nov 15, 2016
Dear Breewylder,While I prefer Restylane in the tear troughs, the most important thing is that YOU want it.  And, in general, it is NOT a good idea to try to strong arm a doctor into doing what you want.  A doctor will get the best results using the materials or technique with which he/she has the most experience. Find another doctor.  No need to try to fit a round peg in a square hole.Best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda
What is best for my under-eye wrinkling when I smile?
Under eye filler
Nov 15, 2016
Dear JackieTeeTee,A touch of filler in the tear troughs would smooth the area under your eyes. I would be happy to help you!Best,Dr. Y
I want to know what’s wrong with my left eye and if it is something serious?
Bulging Eye
Nov 15, 2016
Dear Suzzane,Without a photo, it is impossible to understand your problem.  Please send photos.  Or, I would be happy to see you in consultation.Best,Dr. Yagoda
Options for 2nd rhinoplasty revision? I really desire a strong, straight or slight convex nose.
Raising the dorsum
Nov 2, 2016
Dear Rhino90,Sorry for all you have been through. You can try filler to augment the dorsum.  I would recommend Radiesse.  Alternatively, you can have a surgery to place an implant.  I recommend Medpor which can be carved to the exact shape you want, it doesn’t resorb (get smaller in time), and it integrates with your own tissue, so that it is anchored.I would be happy to discuss the details further with you.All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda

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