Doctor Lee Kleiman, MD Severna Park, Maryland

Name: Lee Kleiman, MD
Last name: Kleiman
Began aesthetic medicine in: 1993
Years experience: 27
Primary Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon
Business: Severn River ENT Plastic & Laser Surgery
Address: 479 Jumpers Hole Rd.
Address suite: Ste. 304
City: Severna Park
State: Maryland
Zip Code: 21146
Country: US
Additional Address: Additional Location:
600 Ridgely Ave
Suite 203
Annapolis, MD
Statement: Lee A. Kleiman M.D., is dual board certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. He has studied the latest surgical techniques and becoming proficient with the latest laser, light, and radiofrequency technologies.
Consulting Fees: 50$
Consultation note: Free if you mention otherwise $50
Has Sponsored Offer : No

Clinical Privileges
  • Anne Arundel Medical Center, Baltimore-Washington Medical Center
  • Undergraduate: University of Vermont, 1982
  • Medical: MD, University of Maryland, 1986
Postdoc Training
  • Residencies:
  • General Surgery, University of Maryland, 1987
  • Otolaryngology, University of Maryland, 1991
  • Fellowships:
  • Facial Plastic Surgery, University of Toronto 1992
  • University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland, 1993

Lee Kleiman, MD

Board Certification
Lee Allan Kleiman (ABMSUID – 486590)
Viewed: 5/11/2009012:35:15 AM CST

Day of birth: 05/13/1960

Status: Alive

American Board of Otolaryngology

Otolaryngology – General
Status: Certified

Active Lifetime Initial Certification 04/07/1992 –

Education: 1986 MD (Doctor of Medicine)

Location: 268 Ridley Blvd Apt 113
0Toronto, ON M5M 3M8 (Canada)

GPS coordinates on map: 39.0838656,-76.5836344

Primary location
Location name: Annapolis
State: MD
Country: US
Map point: 38.9693,-76.5196991
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  • Double Eyelid Surgery
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  • Xeomin

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  • Annapolis, MD, US. GPS coordinates: 38.9693,-76.5196991

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Doctor’s answers

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I want to know if I can get my old nose back or something similar.
Revision rhinoplasty
Nov 13, 2015
Revision rhinoplasty are usually best performed after a year when swelling and inflammation has resolved. However, planning can be initiated before. A face to face consultation is best so your revisionist rhinoplasty surgeon can see and feel your nose to get a sense what will be required. Photography and morphed photographs can help explain and set expectations of what is possible.
Rhinoplasty or Restylane?
Restylane versus Rhinoplasty
May 25, 2015
For most, Restylane is a temporary fix for areas of depression on the nose. If your hump is a result of a supratip depression Restylane may be of help for a short period. Restylane wont remove a dorsal hump and if placed over top will make the nose appear larger and wider. Better pictures and a face to face consultation with you rhinoplasty surgeon of choice will help you determine your choices.
Thoughts on picosure on black ink tattoos? I got a good deal so price isn’t a worry just curious of tha
Apr 3, 2015
The picosure laser we have will effectively remove this black tattoo in 4to 8 treatments without significant scarring or shadowing. A q switch laser or Medlite is of no comparison. We add the boost feature for more stubborn pigments
How many treatments would I need to remove all of my body hair?
total body hair removal
Mar 10, 2015
Each individual may respond differently dependent upon the color of their hair, its thickness, ones skin tone, underlying medical issues, genetics and age. It is best to start with a limited area such as underarms or bikini to get a better understanding of ones individual sensitivity and response to laser treatments. With our Cutera Prowave technology treatment success with near total hair reduction averages 6 treatments.
My face is really asymmetrical? What can I do to improve the look?
Facial asymmetry
Feb 22, 2015
Even the most attractive of individuals have facial asymmetries. Many times these features are what make a person distinctive. When this asymmetry is disheartening than fillers. Botox and sometimes surgeries can soften facial disharmony. Ultimately a consultation and photographic analysis is necessary to develop a strategy by which you, the patient and the cosmetic surgeon are happy and in agreement.
Are X-rays required for deviated septum surgery?
Septal deviations
Feb 22, 2015
X-rays are not necessarily indicated for isolated deviated septums unless the symptoms are indicative of other sinus symptoms or other facial fractures are suspected .
I’m 25 years old and have small eyes, would I benefit from surgery? I also want to change my nose, and
facial refinement
Feb 1, 2015
Your are a good candidate to esthetically refine your nose in such a way to complement your face. Making the decision to shorten your face is best made with the use of a full array of photografts and cephalometric analysis. Having balanced facial features will complement the shape of your eyes which remain pleasing to the casual observer.
Does ear cartilage harvesting for rhinoplasty affect your ability to wear earbud headphones? How much p
conchal bowl ear cartilage donor sites
Feb 1, 2015
The ear after harvestation of conchal ear cartilage causes no major aesthetic or functional side effects. In the short term the ear is more painful than the nose due to compression bolster dressings that are sewn to the ear for up to a week. This is performed to prevent blood collection and a cauliflower ear deformity. You will be able to wear your ear buds without problems within 2 weeks.
I’m 18, male, college student, thinking of asking my parents for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Would it be best
Nov 18, 2014
Many young adults choose to have a cosmetic rhinoplasty during transition times of their lives, such as the period between high school and college. We utilize a photo morphing system to best communicate reasonable goals and obtainable results. Balancing the lower chin projection can help with better facial harmony. This can be done at the time of the nasal surgery, after or never! It is all your choice based upon your goals and esthetic tastes. …
I have a wide bulbous nose. How can I fix? Do I fix the bridge or fix bulb or fix both?
Partial or complete rhinoplasty
Nov 2, 2014
In your case you have both a bulbous nasal tip and a wide dorsum of the nose. In your case a complete rhinoplasty addressing the nasal tip and the middle and upper portions of the nose will give you your best results. I would chose an open technique to best narrow the tip and address the width and projection of the middle and upper portion of the nose.
I’m going on vacation. I’m getting restylane under my eyes six days before I leave. Will I have any swe
Lower eyelid and nasojugal swelling
Nov 2, 2014
The lower eyelid skin is quite thin. Subcutaneous injections in this area and of the nasojugal line can result in prominent then subtle swelling for up to two weeks. Using a cannula injection technique minimizes this in my practice.
I’m 18 yrs old. How much does it cost for a Rhinoplasty? Will it get back to the natural shape that you
Rhinoplasty costs
Oct 9, 2014
The costs of a cosmetic rhinoplasty vary according to the complexity, the facility costs and the general fee supported by the geographic area you reside. The surgeons fee for a first time complete cosmetic rhinoplasty can average about $4500. This fee may be less if the surgery is deemed less complex or is combined with a functional problem that is covered concurrently by insurance. The facility fee is much less in a free standing ambulatory center than in a hospital…
Why do I have a lump on my jowl point 3 weeks after Radiesse injection? Will it go away?
lumpiness after Radiasse
Mar 15, 2014
Irregularity of the skin after subdermal injection of Radiasse is a risk, yet an infrequent result. It might also be from small blood accumulation near the injection site. Massage and patience will see this irregularity slowly improve in most cases. In cases where the filler is superficial near the skin surface, puncture with a larger needle and expression of the material may help speed the resolution of the problem area.
Would a filler like Radiesse also improve the color of my scar?
Discolored Scar
Mar 15, 2014
A scar that is discolored will not improved with the use of a filler such as Radiasse. A depressed scar might benefit from a filler to reduce any shadowing effect cause by the depression. In this case, the red scar would lighten with the use of a vascular laser such as the Cutera Nd:Yag laser. Fraxel laser treatments have proven to be beneficial with these types of scars. Hypertrophic, thick scars seen with burn patients respond well to Deep FX fractionated CO2…
What would be best treatment & cost for (2) deep wrinkle lines above mouth?
upper lip wrinkles
Mar 15, 2014
These wrinkles are often the result of loss of bone volume of the underlying skeleton as we age. This responds well with subtle volumization of the white upper lip with a filler such as Radiasse. These upper lip dermal creases are greatly improved with resurfacing techniques such as a fractional CO2 laser treatment(Deep FX). Other less utilized treatment options include phenol peels and dermabrasion.

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