Do I Need a Nose Job?

Tip Nose Job Options

Your best answer will depend upon a surgeon analyzing your nose from a 180 degree perspective. Nose Job is a sculptural operation and very dynamic in that the upper an lower parts of the nose should be balanced and the entire nose should be balanced to ‘fit’ your face.

When you sit face to face with a surgeon you will be able to say what you are looking for and he/she will be able to tell you if that goal can be reasonably met.

If you like what you’re hearing during the consultation then see at least one other surgeon to make sure you’re getting the same message.

Nasal surgery is demanding and requires that the surgeon be highly artistic and possess a high level of technical skill.

Choose the surgeon you feel will give you the results you want – even if that means seeing multiple physicians. (Jon F. Harrell, DO, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

You need a Nose Job

There are no non-surgical options that will comapre to a well done Nose Job in your case.

Go to the best Nose Job surgeon you can fine because you only want to do this once! (Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Nose Job is the Best Option

Do I Need a Nose Job surgery

Significant and permanent changes to the nasal tip such as refinement and rotation require a surgical procedure. I am sure that someone will try and sell you a “nonsurgical Rhinoplasty”, but I would strongly encourage you to be skeptical. (Stephen Prendiville, MD, Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Do I Need a Nose Job? What are My Options?

You ask a very personal question. And thanks for the photo! You need to ask yourself if you desire Nose Job surgery than see 3 boarded PS to discuss the surgical options. There are no non surgical options for you in my opinion. It is in your best interests if you want the operation NOt that I can preform it! (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Options for appearance of nose

Do I Need a Nose Job rhinoplasty

There are very few effective non-surgical options that will provide an effective result so I believe a Nose Job will be your best solution. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty evaluation

IF you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, Nose Job may be the answer. Based on the pic, it looks like you may be able to benefit from a little tip refinement. The tip appears to plunge slightly as well. Most physicians who perform rhinoplasty take pictures from several angles, and these are more revealing. In women, the angle of the base of the nose to the upper lip should be about 100 degrees. Its difficult to judge from the front view, but I would suspect this angle is closer to 90 degrees in you. In short, you may benefit from some tip refinement and a subtle lift of the tip. (Jason R. Hess, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

You Appear to Be a Good Candidate for Nose Job. What’s Holding You Back?

Do I Need a operation Nose Job

My sense from this one photo is that the tip is a bit ” heavy” is that it is bulbous and plunges down, maybe even worse with smile. Your facial features are excellent and I would bet you would be very happy with a nicely and conservatively done Nose Job. You do not need anything radical. You owe it to yourself to investigate it.

When you do consult, be sure to have computer imaging so you can see the predicted result of your procedure. You owe it to your self to make sure your desires are realistic and that the doctor can meet them. Lookaat dozens of the doctors before and after photos. View a lot of websites to look for natural noses. Read books. You will be ready to make a better decision the more information you have. (Robert Kotler, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Rhinoplasty will improve your nose

Do I Need a surgery Nose Job

You have a large tip in relation to rest of the nose and also your tip is lower than it should be. You have thin kin over the tip and you will get great result. (Kamran Khoobehi, MD, New Orleans Plastic Surgeon)

Nasal tip refinement

It is hard to see a lot of detail in your nose but by what you ask the only alternative is a surgical procedure. Any other nonsurgical option will not make significant changes in your nasal tip.

The nasal tip is very amenable to reshaping and refining in the right hands. (Marcus L. Peterson, MD, Saint George Plastic Surgeon)

Surgical nose job is the best option

I Need a Nose Job

It’s not about need, it’s about want. If you want to see improvement of the appearance of your nose, a surgical Nose Job is the best option. Nose Job requires good aesthetic analysis, meticulous pre-operative planning, and skilled execution.

One of my colleagues, Dr. Shervin Naderi, is near you in Virginia and performs rhinoplasty exclusively in his practice. I would strongly recommend a consult with him as he is in your local area. (Anurag Agarwal, MD, Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nose Job for bump and profile refinement, and reducing bulbous tip.

A rhinoplasty will improve the shape of your nose and give you a more refined and feminine nose. Surgery is the only answer for this problem. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best results. (Toby Mayer, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)