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Address: 3101 S. Hwy. 14, Ste. 1, Greenville, South Carolina, USA, 29615
City: Greenville
State: South Carolina
Country code: US
Postal code: 29615
Phone: (864) 520-1121
Country: USA
GPS coordinates on map: 34.8507398,-82.2303437

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  • FemTouch
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Connie Ross, MD

Name: Connie Ross, MD
Statement: I have experience in private practice, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, emergency techniques, and as an educator for over 25 years. I am Board Certified in Family Medicine, a member of the American College of Family Physicians, and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2014
Rating: 5.0

Alan Clardy, MD

Name: Alan Clardy, MD
Rating: 5.0


Jessica Horlacher

Name: Jessica Horlacher
Position: Nurse Practitioner
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Denise Bramlitt

Name: Denise Bramlitt
Position: Registered Nurse

Brandyn Bishop

Name: Brandyn Bishop
Position: Aesthetician

Leslie Manuel

Name: Leslie Manuel
Position: Registered Nurse

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Can anyone help with eyebrows (one is much higher on my forehead that the other)?
Botox may be a solution
Jun 29, 2021
Most of us have some asymmetry in our face. The good news is that Botox is often utilized for improving brow asymmetry and is a relatively quick procedure to have performed. An in-person evaluation is the best way to know the options in your specific situation. Thank you for your questions.
Bad Botox experience (first timer) was injected on Jan 30th, how can I avoid bad results in the future?
Jun 29, 2021
When looking for an injector, we recommend looking for someone who performs injections consistently. As an example, we are in the top 1% for Allergan Cosmetic nationally meaning our injectors have quite a bit of experience and training relative to Botox and filler. Aesthetics is all we do and focus on day in and day out. Thank you for your question, and good luck on your search.
Why have my brows become uneven?
Consultation recommended
Jun 29, 2021
Botox is often utilized in the brow area to lift one or both brows as long as there are no contraindications preventing the use. An in-person evaluation is needed for the best recommendation in your specific situation. Thank you for your question.
How many millimeters does Botox need to be injected in these areas?
Consultation recommended
Jun 29, 2021
Every person is different as your desired result and your specific anatomy will dictate the depth and number of units needed. Those two things alone can make the recommendations for friends or others seems contradictory and confusing. We recommend having an in-person evaluation with a skilled practitioner you trust for a recommendation specific to you. The answers you are looking for should be able to be answered during that evaluation. Thank you for your question.
Treatment for forehead frown bump?
Botox may help
Jun 29, 2021
Thank you for your question. We recommend an in-person evaluation for the most accurate recommendations. “Bumps” on the forehead can be caused by multiple situations, one being increased muscle tone in that area caused by facial expression. If that is the case, Botox may be an option to improve the appearance.

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