Nose Surgery In New Orleans

Rhinoplasty in New Orleans is the procedure where the nose is reshaped so that form and/or function of the nose is changed.

Planning for the nose plastic surgery

The basis of success of the nose reshaping is a mutual understanding between the patient and the surgeon. During the first consultation the surgeon listens to the wishes of the patient and discuss with him all the possible options for changing the shape of the nose, explains which of the existing methods of rhinoplasty are most suitable in this case, and evaluates the factors that may affect the outcome of the nasal surgery.

The choice will be determined by the following parameters:

– The structure of bone and cartilage structures of the nose;
– Thickness and skin condition;
– Type of face;
– Age;
– The patient’s wishes.

Computer simulations is carried out by the surgeon before the nose reshape surgery. The purpose of this study is the simulation the shape of the nose with special computer programs.

However, it should be remembered that as a result of modeling the surgeon makes a rough plan before the nasal surgery, so it is impossible to obtain the same result, which is associated with features of wound healing and scarring.

You should not limit the actions of the surgeon in choosing the form of nose. For example, if the patient wants to get rid of the hump nose and asking the surgeon not to interfere in the bone structure, the patient will be disappointed.

New Orleans Rhinoplasty For Long Nose Can Change Your Nose Size, Contour The Nasal Tip And Nostrils

The surgeon should explain how the procedure will take place, how big is the risk of an adverse outcome and choose the preferred method of anesthesia in this case.

The surgeon will make a choice of type and method of surgery, taking into account the expected result. The physician should be carefully collect anamnesis: a previous surgical interventions and traumas of the nose, even if it was many years ago and the patient finds it unimportant fact.

The patient should tell your surgeon about the problems with nasal breathing, as well as the possibility of allergic reactions, smoking, alcohol or drugs, especially aspirin or other agents that affect blood clotting (anticoagulants).

Preparation for nose beauty surgery

The Perfect Nose For Your Face At New Orleans Center For Aesthetics And Plastic Surgery

The surgeon should explain to the patient how to prepare for surgery, including the principles of rational food intake and liquid, smoking, and intake of various drugs.

  • If the patient has recently suffered upper respiratory disease or any infectious skin lesions, it is better to postpone the nose reshape surgery for a while;
  • It is necessary to stop taking all drugs containing salicylates – preferably 10 days prior to the planned operation. The most commonly used drugs is aspirin.

Women taking contraceptives or other hormonal preparations are more likely to bleeding.(e.g. estrogen replacement therapy)


  1. It is advisable to stop taking hormonal drugs for 10-14 days before surgery;
  2. Not recommended the nasal surgery during menstruation;
  3. Plastic Surgery Male Nose Tip In New Orleans Louisiana Images Before And After

  4. The patient will stay in hospital for 1-2 days after nose job, and then the ligation performed on an outpatient basis prescribed by a doctor.


When performing a rhinoplasty in New Orleans can be used different types of anesthesia that is determined by the volume of operations, the wishes of the patient and the surgeon’s preference.

During the first consultation the patient with the surgeon discusses anesthesia option that will be the most effective and safe for the intended operation.

It is preferred to perform the plastic surgery of nose under general anesthesia, especially for intervention on the bone structure of the nose. In this case, the patient will be spared from unnecessary emotional problems during surgery.

New Orleans, Louisiana Best Looking Nose By Michael H. Moses MD, FACS

The return to the familiar life, terms of recovery. Do not be surprised when you see in the mirror is not too attractive swollen nose after removal of the plaster bandage, and the skin may be reddish – all these phenomena are temporary.

The swelling gradually decreases, and bruises disappear and in 1-2 weeks nose will get a perfectly acceptable look. However, the final result can be seen after 6-12 months after surgery. The nose may seem edematous and large in this period, and dense tip.

However, these phenomena are only subjective sensations and altogether invisible to others. So you can return to work within 10-14 days after removal of the plaster bandage. Should refrain from physical activity (including various sports) within 2 to 3 months after plastic surgery on nose. At this period will be necessary exclude any occupation that require a lot of effort, which may cause rise in blood pressure, avoid nose injury.

Be extremely careful when caring for skin of the nose, as the skin will be with one hand susceptible to various injuries, on the other hand are less sensitive.

New Orleans Plastic Surgery On Nose Is One Of The Most Popular Procedures In Facial Plastic Surgery

It is advisable to abandon the mechanical cleaning of the face, and forget about the existence of baths and saunas for several months.

It is advisable not to blow your nose during the first week after surgery. Not wear eyeglasses during the 6-7 weeks after removal of the dressing and contact lenses may be used when necessary.

The new nose

Healing is a gradual process. After the nasal surgery in New Orleans, even when the swelling and bruising are saved, it is not surprising that some patients are disappointed by the nearest results of operations. However, such discontent is most often associated with a lack of awareness of the patient.

The patient sees the nose reshaping immediately after the plastic surgery on nose, but the final result will be much later. With each passing day your nose will look better and better.

Nasal Reshaping In New Orleans, LA By Dr. Sean Weiss

After a week or two, the patient will return to normal life, but with some limitations. The patient should to visit your doctor at the scheduled time, so that he could monitor the healing process. The patient should inform your surgeon if there are any unusual sensations in any period of time after surgery.

The decision to conduct operations is strictly individual, and will not necessarily be perceived as others, so the patient may encounter unexpected reaction of friends and relatives.

Dr. prices in 2016:
  • $12,050 – Kamran Khoobehi, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2016;
  • $15,000 – Calvin Johnson, MD – Hedgewod Surgical Center, New Orleans – 2016;
  • $8,000 – New Orleans, LA – 2016;
  • $9,000 – Parker A. Velargo, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2016;

Dr. Dan Jacob Reshape Nose New Orleans Result

Average nasal reshaping price is $11010 US dollars in 2016 in New Orleans

The prices for aesthetic rhinoplasty in 2015:

  • $16,543 – dr. tuan ,juan – New Orleans, LA – 2015;

Dr prices in 2014:

  • $13,370 – Kamran Khoobehi, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2014;
  • $5,000 – New Orleans, LA – 2014;

Pricing for plastic surgery for nose in 2013:

  • $10,000 – Kamran Khoobehi, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2013;
  • $4,480 – Von Graham, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2013;
Realself operation cost in 2012:
  • $10,000 – Kamran Khoobehi, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2012;
  • $7,000 – Kamran Khoobehi, MD – New Orleans, LA – 2012;

Prices range for surgery of nose in 2009:

  • $15,000 – Dr. Calvin Johnson – New Orleans, LA – 2009;
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