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The defects of the nose is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which brings discomfort to man. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by using the services of a plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty in Newcastle can help to make your nose beautiful. As a result your attractiveness greatly increase. However, it should be noted that this procedure has contraindications that deserve mention. This procedure is not recommended for people under the age of eighteen years of age, as bone formation is not fully happened.

The operation is not necessary to do, and after forty years, since the chance of complications in this case is much higher. It is strictly forbidden in diseases such as chronic and oncological. If you are suitable for health reasons, and nose shape does not suit you, then this procedure is waiting for you.

It becomes clear that rhinoplasty is aimed at changing or correction of the external nose shape, as well as its internal elements, which is of great importance not only in the process of respiration. Changing the shape of the nose is possible by increasing or decreasing its size, removing hump, to correct shape and position of the tip of the nose and the width of the nose, as well as the angle between the tip of the nose and upper lip, narrowing the nostrils.

With the help of these manipulations new nose shape is created in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of the patient, as well as an opportunity to correct the deformation of the nose caused by traumatic injuries, unsuccessful surgical interventions or caused by age-related changes.

Rhinoplasty In Newcastle upon Tyne, as well as other aesthetic surgery can significantly improve the appearance and increase self-confidence, but will not change the appearance in strict accordance with the ideal.

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Therefore, before the patient will decide to have surgery, it is necessary to consider carefully your wishes and the expected effect and discuss these issues with the surgeon.

If the patient is physically healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in their expectations, it will be pleased with result of the nose beauty surgery.

Rhinoplasty often performed for aesthetic reasons for the correction of the nose shape, and also eliminates deformation of the nose after traumatic injuries, unsuccessful operations, solves the problems associated with nasal breathing.

In addition, rhinoplasty is performed also as often rejuvenating operation (Rejuvenating rhinoplasty), in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as a face lift.

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Patients often ask the question – Are there any limits to the changing shape of the nose? Practically, it is possible to remove a small hump, a wide back of the nose make more thin (narrow), to change the length of the nose, the width and contour of the nostrils.

However, there are limitations associated with the individual anatomical features. Nose created on the operating table, it is not the final form. Much depends on the type and condition of the skin, as well as the features of the process of scarring. During the initial consultation, the surgeon explains to the patient what options nose shape changes are possible in this case.

When planning the nose reshaping is also taken into account and the age. The most favorable age for rhinoplasty is 18- 25 years.

The fact that the physiological formation of nose skeleton continues until the 18 years, and the artificial trauma can lead to unpredictable deformations during operation in the areas of growth.

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However, age does not matter while eliminating defects and deformities resulting from trauma or caused by “time”.

Types of rhinoplasty

There is closed method that allows you to get rid of the defects of shape by making an incision the nasal cavity. This is one of aesthetic methods, practically leaving no scars.

This is not the only plus. The procedure takes a bit of time, recovery after nose reshaping is fast. Open method makes it possible to eliminate the violation form by the method incision the folds of skin that separates the nostrils.


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Before the procedure, you should definitely consult a surgeon who will examine the patient for abnormalities. If the health condition of the patient is normal, details of the nose job will be specified, at this moment you can communicate your wishes to the surgeon.


The operation takes 1-2 hours, the method will chosen on an individual basis, it all depends on the patient’s request and the shape of its nose. The recovery period for some people is accompanied by minor pain.

Tampons are inserted into the nose of the first days after rhinoplasty, then they are removed, and the the patient wears a plaster bandage for about a week. Bruises disappear very quickly. The healing process may be delayed only in the case if the operation proved to be complicated.

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It should be noted that some time after the procedure is not necessary to actively move – running and jumping. Rhinoplasty In Newcastle can help get rid of complexes and to correct physiological defects. It is an excellent method to return its appeal after the deformation of the nose and over again to feel beautiful.

Pricing for surgery in 2016:
  • $6,800 – Newcastle, GB – 2016;
  • $7,500 – Scott J. Turner, MBBS, FRACS – Newcastle, AU – 2016;

Pricing of procedure in 2015:

  • $5,677 – Peter D Hodgkinson, FRCS – Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB – 2015;
  • $7,500 – Peter D Hodgkinson, FRCS – Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB – 2015;

Price of rhinoplasty operation procedure in 2014:

  • $6,500 – Neil R McLean, MD, FRCS – Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB – 2014;
  • $7,308 – Omar A. Ahmed, MBBS, FRCS (Plast) – Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB – 2014;

Cost of reshaping of the nose in 2013:

  • $5,900 – Neil R McLean, MD, FRCS – Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB – 2013;
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