Rhinoplasty questions

  • Is Rhinoplasty Safe?
  • How safe is rhinoplasty? One of the most popular operations in our clinic is a rhinoplasty (nose surgery). It is absolutely safe procedure through the use of the most modern medical advances. Before rhinoplasty patient…read more

  • How To Get A Free Nose Job?
  • Free plastic surgery of nose is real! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have cosmetic surgery for nose. The reason is a elementary no money. Meanwhile, many people are dissatisfied with their appearance (congenital defects,…read more

  • Does A Nose Job Hurt?
  • There are many opinions on this matter: some people can endure discomfort and pain for the sake of the future beauty, for other very heavy to put up with discomfort, swelling and bruising. Many people are…read more

  • How to fix a crooked nose with help of rhinoplasty surgery?
  • Crooked nose There appears to be a nasal bone fracture with the upper lateral cartilages twisted as well. To straighten this nose , a rhinoplasty with osteotomies, and a spreader graft to concave side will…read more

  • How old can you be to get a nose job?
  • I am 53 years old – is it too late to have rhinoplastic surgery done? You are an excellent candidate for a rhinoplasty because just by looking at your photos any experienced plastic surgeon can…read more

  • How To Get A Refined Nose?
  • Rhinoplasty would be able to tuck up the columella and refine the nasal tip along the lines of what you are seeking. (Francis R. Palmer, III, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon) You are already…read more

  • How to get rid of nose bump without surgery?
  • Can I Get Rid of Nose Hump Without a Surgery? No, there’s no non-surgical way to remove the bone and cartilage causing the nasal hump. You can however, inject above the hump with fillers like Radiesse…read more

  • Do I Need a Nose Job?
  • Tip Nose Job Options Your best answer will depend upon a surgeon analyzing your nose from a 180 degree perspective. Nose Job is a sculptural operation and very dynamic in that the upper an lower parts…read more

  • How to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty?
  • Swelling after a rhinoplasty can last for several weeks so it’s completely normal that you are not seeing the final results of your procedure yet. I would recommend trying to stay patient and allow yourself to…read more

  • Nose Job To Correct Upturned Nose
  • There are a number of different techniques to fix an upturned nose. It would be very difficult to describe exactly how the different procedures are done, but I use an open rhinoplasty approach to allow…read more

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